St. Lucia the Caribbean Island the Jewel of the Windwards

Saint Lucia is one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, St Lucia,, the largest of the Windward Islands, sometimes called the Jewel of the Windwards. St. Lucia is half way down the Eastern Caribbean chain on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean, between Martinique and Saint Vincent, Grenadines, and north of Barbados Island. St Lucia is an island 44km long and 22km wide, its size is 620 km². St Lucia has an estimated population of 160,000. Its capital is Castries, with one third of the population of the island with most of the popular hotels and resorts also located nearby. Others major cities are Gros Islet, Soufrière and Vieux Fort. One of the Caribbean’s most dramatically beautiful unspoiled islands in the Caribbean, St Lucia with exotic St Lucia’s sweeping green mountains and rugged, dence jungle, and sand-fringed shores. St. Lucia has a mixed French and British heritage, completely subsumed into a distinct West Indian culture, unique among the islands. St Lucia is a volcanic island in origin, and is more mountainous terrain and lush tropical vegetation, deep valleys and gorges than the rest of the three other largest islands in the Windward chain (stretching from Martinique south to Grenada), or the other Caribbean islands. The higher mountain of the island is Mount Gimie, with 950 meters (3,120 ft).
The dormant Pitons of Soufrière, Gros Piton and Petit Piton, which are surrounded by densely forested hills and valleys, home to banana plantations; both are the island’s major tourist attraction and the most famous landmark. They are located south of Soufrière on the western side of the island where you find the fishing villages and the quaint, old French-colonial township of Souffriere.
St Lucia’s inviting pure white sand beaches and clear blue water, Bird watching windsurfing, waterskiing ,boating and hiking are popular pastimes and are available to any visitor. St. Lucia is an attractive, lively, typically Caribbean destination, this jewel area of the Caribbean hosts yachting year-round, with stunning underwater scenery and a wealth of marine life, St Lucia holidays have a rich identity all of its own and much to offer. Adventurous souls, romantics and families will adore this island.


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