The Best Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Details

Great details to be used at your wedding


The Best Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Details … Love has always related to marriage worldwide. The ultimate ode to love for every loved couples is marriage… To start a new life with your sweetheart, full of love and passion.

Because of the arrival of Valentine’s Day, anything love-related had made us feel especially for Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Details. Valentine’s Day would be the best time to show your passion to your sweetheart partner.

Here we introduce some great details to be used at your wedding whether celebrating your love on Valentine’s Day, use Valentine’s Day inspiration and a few of the love-inducing elements as a guide on your wedding.

The red and pink color Valentine’s Day-inspired details and heart-shaped are already ideal for a wedding day and sure are drawn from the most romantic day of the year.

Valentines-Day-Wedding-IdeasCourtesy of Britta Marie Photography

Just because it is a winter wedding does not give you the chance to play with plenty of sparkle. Settle down the drab and the lifeless color palettes and go for with deep, rich hues, sumptuous textures. Make your winter wedding perfect and use your opportunity to have a festive feel.

If you and your dearest are celebrating your love on Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to go all-out with a Valentine’s Day-themed wedding and with all the Valentine’s Day details. Keep it classy with your black and white and add some love-related items like pops of romantic rouge and fiery red into your celebration… Sometimes less are more few sweet details to create an ambiance look on your big day.

Keep scrolling to see some of our best Valentine’s Day-inspired bridal and wedding ideas and details. Use these Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Ideas of the most lovey-dovey days of the year for your wedding, not just as Wedding Theme Ideas but a year-round Inspired Wedding Ideas!

Pink, red, hearts, candies, roses… are marrying Valentine’s Day things with your wedding. All are cute and easy detailed inspirations that work well for any the traditional Valentine Day and elements to be used on your big day!

A dreamy and elegant wedding with the help of these ideas to incorporate into your wedding weather you choose a complete Valentine’s Day-themed wedding or some Valentine pop looking.

Romantic Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Ideas


Valentine’s Day Themed Wedding Invitations


Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Invitations;

If you wish to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day to save-the-dates get into the Valentine’s Day theme when choosing your wedding invitations.

Look for fun and romantic wedding designs and elements that incorporate hearts and arrows and other Valentine’s Day symbolism featured in red and pink shades or roses and carnations that can help you set the tone of your big day. We have chosen several ideas for the invitation design to choose from.

Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Theme Ideassource

Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Flowers Centerpiece:

Flowers are by definition romantic; nothing says romance better than their attendance. Flowers give off the romantic feel of Valentine’s Day. Almost any Flowers look stunning and add a whimsical and dreamy touches.

They’d work beautifully on their own or mixed into bouquets or charming combination of pink and red flowers such as tulips, hydrangea, and freesia are perfect for Valentine’s Day and ideal for brides to ensure natural beauty that gives the final design with a natural finish.

Bridal Bouquet


Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Bridal Bouquet:

There’s just something utterly romantic about flowers. Nothing says romance better than a lovely bridal flower bouquet. To create a most beautiful bridal bouquets with flowers the options with the types of wedding flowers are many especially if it was related a valentine day.

You can go through the simplicity of a bridal bouquet of just one type of flower and a mix wrapping bouquet or wedding bouquets by color and mix and match different colors. Look for stunning wedding flowers ideas for your Valentine’s wedding, that range from a Boho collection of blush and ivory blooms, Spring tulips, stunning ivory and red roses and Carmen Rose. Any of these gorgeous bouquets are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Choose your flowers with an eye-catching design and fine details that are perfect for your Valentine’s Day romance.

Romantic Boutonnieres


Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Boutonnieres:

This special event, you may wonder about the romantic flowers that will turn the romance factor up. Wearing a boutonniere made of flowers and matching them to a woman’s outfit is a tradition that goes back as far as ancient Egyptians or the Aztecs to show their support.

So, show their support by wearing a Romantic Boutonniere by using a large flower for your boutonnieres to incorporate the spirit of Valentine’s Day.



Valentine’s Day-Inspired Wedding Centerpieces:

Roses are extremely popular choice for Valentine’s Day theme weddings, so they’re the ideal option for your wedding Centerpieces and table decorations.

Go dramatic with red roses or poppy pink blooms to create the dreamiest centerpieces to surprise and delight your dinner guests. Or pick the shades of red and pink or soften the arrangements with pink and white blooms.


Valentine’s day inspired wedding dresses

Create a vision of love and dress your bridesmaids in the colors of romance, soft pink and vivid red. Any shade of red will do to evoke the spirit of the date into your styling and gives off ultra-romantic vibes.

Valentine’s day wedding dresses may be one color, or varying shades. The Valentine’s day inspired wedding colors may even go totally non-traditional colorful wedding dress as opt for a pink wedding gown to an extra punch of saucy, sex appeal.

jeweled heels for valentine weddings


Jeweled Heels;

A bridal look must come with a pretty pair of heels. You can add a simple DIY of style made of flouriest, jewels, pearls to a plain pair of shoes. Any of these will pair effortlessly with a simple gown and minimal jewelry.



Valentine’s day inspired wedding food

A pink signature cocktail for a wedding in the honor of the most romantic of your life will sweeten the celebration. The big day wedding, whether was a classic one or valentine day theme wedding calls for its own special signature cocktail.

The addition of a heart-shaped hors d’oeuvres or red garnishes like strawberries raspberries or cherries will make your pink cocktails for wedding an eye-catching cocktail and will play up the romance factor. These pretty pink cocktails for weddings would be a sweet inspiration to bring the Valentine’s Day theme to your drink!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Wedding Cake


A Wedding Cake: 

A wedding cake is a traditional symbol served at any wedding receptions following dinner. Your cake doesn’t need to be red, covered in hearts to be the yummiest, scummiest, and most beautiful wedding cake on your big day to express the feeling of Valentine’s Day.

It should be a total reflection of your style and taste never less the theme. You can be a bit subtler with your beautiful wedding cakes theme, and still, have your wedding cakes design.



The right decoration to your wedding cake doesn’t actually start with the cake itself, but it starts with choosing many factors. Adding your own finishing touches is what makes your wedding cake so beautifully.

Thus, it should accomplish your style to suit your wedding theme or décor. Careful pick your cake stand and decorate the table which it stands on too, to create a cake table that becomes a talking point!



The Details: 

You can fall in love with these red, pink, blue and green colored heart-shaped candies that add little hints of Valentine’s Day throughout your table. Candy hearts on the table are an old-fashioned valentines’ details but a way to make this theme a great success and reflects all the romance of your love story.




When it comes to choosing your wedding dessert, an intimate Valentine’s wedding wouldn’t be complete without cute little bites. what better way to celebrate the big day with Valentine’s Day small appetizers; pink macarons either in their regular shape or in heart shape. They spread sweet messages of love and a dessert to remember.

Pastel Printed Menu


Pastel Printed Menu;

At every setting add a soft shaped colored card with a pastel printed menu and paired with a patterned plate. Thus, your guests will love what the pastel printed menu brings to the table.

pass-less paper hearts valentines wedding decoration


Valentine’s Day Wedding Decor: 

Make a pass-less paper hearts valentines wedding decoration as a pass pink inspiration for wedding for a sweet wedding decor through your path. This pass-less paper hearts decoration makes a fun nostalgic feeling of childhood Valentine’s Day.

pastel-pink-shaded-upholstered-chairs source

Setting Up For Outdoor Wedding;

A beautiful way to set up outside wedding a bit more intimate by setting up chairs is on pastel pink shaded upholstered chairs and vintage settees, decorated with white and pink flowers.

 chic-wedding-table-decorations-for-rustic-wedding-ideas Photo by Jemma Keech via SMP

Table Runner:

Add that wowed-factor to your table by adding a table runner. Take flower garlands  into consideration instead of the regular table centerpiece. table runners are just amazing as they work better with long tables or sweetheart tables.

Make a gorgeous table garlands by adding candles and blush to the pink and peach-colored flower garlands, that will transform your wedding table into a perfect centerpiece.

Balloon wedding decorations


Balloon Wedding Decorations:

Nothing says celebration like balloons, they are enticing, attractive and irresistible. Whatever their colors or shapes and designs, they turn any wedding reception site into a wonderland.

Wedding balloon decorations may be as; wedding balloon arches, columns, bouquets. Some are customized with words or sayings or sparked with lights. Some are made for Ceiling Decorations or Drop Over Dance Floor or as wall display. Whatever their decorations they are adorable and allow you to let your inner girly-girl out.

Creative Napkin Ideas


Creative Napkin Ideas;

Step up your reception tables with a creative shaped napkin as napkins can have a big impact on your reception tables. The extra detail associated with some folding techniques to give that romantic touch is definitely appreciate by your guests.



Wedding Chair Decoration;

Add just a little flair to wedding seated chairs. Chair decors are a great way to express your personality and spread the love emotion on your big day. lace and burlap, ribbons, garland, flower wreaths, are easy DIY projects that make pretty wedding.



Adorable Wedding Favors;

Don’t forget to share the love of the ultimate Valentine’s Day with your guests! Choose for a fun favor. whatever you want to gift for your guests for the little ones too… add Sweet and simple gifts in super cute muslin bags stamped with pink love symbols which perfect to take home favors.

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