Stunning Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas For The Holidays

Christmas decorations in the kitchen

Stunning Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas For The Holidays… the Christmas fever catching up with us, for most people go crazy decorating for the coming awaited day. As Christmas decorating is a traditional fever it is also a fundamental part of getting in the holiday spirit. For this it’s time to start thinking about what to do to decorate your holiday home for Christmas decorations this year. To imbue the spirit of Christmas, the priorities may center around decorating all rooms from the living room all through the entrance hall. Christmas decorating of the exterior of the house which includes; our yards, front porch and front door, the interior of the house which includes; our living rooms, even the bedrooms, and the tree with all sort of Christmas decorations.

We often tend to ignore the heart of the home: the kitchen which is why it’s important to decorate it. We forget the kitchen in this process between baking cookies and prepping for Christmas dinner and Christmas table. The kitchen one of the rooms where we spend the most time and It represents the central focus of our lives. It is a high-traffic holiday space. With a festive Christmas kitchen decor, the kitchen should get the decorative attention it deserves to lift the mood of the entire family while gathering. Hence, give your kitchen a holiday treat with just as much Christmas spirit and cheer if not more.

Christmas decorations in the kitchen

Although, Christmas kitchen decor is not quite as easy as any other place in the house. And as in most kitchens we have many kitchen things and little space to work on your decoration. So, it is important to make sure the decorations do not interfere to make problems in the kitchen while cooking.

There is no doubt that during the holidays the kitchen gains prominence; it is best to decorate with small details and, hopefully using everyday utensils. Do not forget to create charming corners and give them a Christmas personality. Details make the difference, taking care of your decoration with details and Christmas decorations helps to permeate the kitchen with homelike, warm and familiar atmosphere.

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To really feel the true spirit of this holiday season, we give you some ideas we have collected that will surely inspire and try something different this year. Our collection of truly interesting Christmas kitchen decor ideas can inspire anyone to make festive touches to Christmas kitchens and make it ready to welcome the holidays! From Christmas decorations for kitchen cabinets  to kitchen island Christmas decorating ideas, there are many ideas to choose from for even how to decorate a small kitchen for Christmas or large kitchen. There are many Christmas theme kitchen ideas for every type of space and every style kitchen.

There is Christmas beyond the tree and Santa Claus to bring the spirit of Christmas back into your kitchen.



Nordic Kitchen With Christmas Decoration;

This is a simple beautiful Christmas kitchen décor.  The kitchen is fully decorated with white light surrounding the Christmas tree, cabinets and windows. The kitchen windows also have hanging shining stars and snowflakes decorations. Mini Christmas trees is wrapped with white Christmas lights and simple decorations. However, it’s the Christmas lights decorating that flicker almost every corner of the kitchen although they are not the most in but still gives it a truly festive and bright look. You can change them by series of different sizes and shapes: round, star, candle-shaped white lights that can be off and on. The options are many and you will see that the most welcoming environment is created.

Belen. belen christmas

Bethlehem, shepherds to Bethlehem;

Because kitchens we have many things and little space it might be a good idea using everyday utensils to put a traditional Bethlehem in a glass jar. By this it would not require much space, time and passion for porcelain figurines and turning your glass jar into a very nice detail for the countertop. Via Pinterest.

decorated jars for christmas

Decoration with jugs: the latest trend;

The canning jars have taken in our lives, becoming everyday utensils and we have even included in many DIY projects, and as a decorative element for several seasons now. This time handle them well and use them as crafts, add a little artificial snow and a little paint and some pine twigs, place them on a wooden tray turning the canning jars into a very nice detail for the countertop that will be the envy of all your guests. Via Pinterest.


This another way to turn that rusty old jug into your newest decoration, paint them in red and add your DIY joy sign to have the hottest Christmas interior trends. this simple kitchen christmas decor shows your sense of style by adding this to an empty corner in your kitchen or on a  kitchen island.

Minimal Christmas Kitchen Décor;


Minimal Christmas Kitchen Décor;

Change accessories to change your kitchen look aiming with simplicity, details and clean spaces to add the Christmas festivities of this décor. Less is more, less can certainly mean more in some cases. This basic principle is also applied at Christmas. Take this Christmas your kitchen for example. Bring the Christmas spirit to this kitchen with not too many ornaments or accessories… do not recharge the kitchen with many visual decorations. since it will be a very busy area.

Minimal Christmas Kitchen Décor 1

To create warm and relaxed environments make Christmas corners, focus to be on feel of the natural elements for example; few wreaths on the kitchen windows and garland decorations on the cupboards and appliances.  Pops of greenery as a Fraser fir plant is a festive yet understated touch on the kitchen island and shelves along with the mini Christmas trees on the countertop. The ideal decorations are choose according to the decorative style of the kitchen and the size too. This is a great opportunity to show off your good taste. Put in mind that the purpose is to let the kitchen to look festive and Christmas-ready!  This would be the ideal Christmas Decor for those who are Minimalists and whom loves and understated this type of decorations.

Stock your shelves with glitzy intention

Stock your shelves with glitzy intention;

 Christmas splashes the shelves. Take your kitchen shelf to another level of beauty decoration by making it festive and welcoming. Place a deer and a wooden reindeer to look like a woodland Christmas decoration. Although there is no greenery the Christmas display of a vase of spheres in three tones, popping blue and gold, balls and a small tower with wrapped gifts brings festive Christmas spirit into the decor. These little details are a subtle way of knowing that Christmas has arrived. Via Pinterest.

Kitchen Shelf Christmas Decoration

Winter Decorations for Christmas by The Turquoise Home

Kitchen Shelf Christmas Decoration;

As you see in the image you can see a simple Christmas shelf décor through a unique Kitchen Decorating Idea for your Kitchen Shelf for Christmas Decoration. A Christmas Vintage Kitchen Décor for a rustic farmhouse Christmas shelf decoration is one of the favorite DIY Christmas décor projects that you can add that looks fresh and festive at the same time and super easy to make.  The evergreens mini wreath hanging by a ribbon from the top of the baskets on the left top side of the shelf and two lightly flocked mini Christmas trees on the right side of the same self-add a festive touch to the decor. The lower shelf is decorated with a white cottony wreath and also a cottony flower arrangement between a small potted evergreen to have a contra of colors and further add to the Christmas spirit. On the far right a Christmas ball, and mini fir tree with red berries in jar of artificial snow to bring cheer and freshness to complete the Christmas spirit to the decor.

Kitchen Island Christmas Centerpiece

Kitchen Island Christmas Centerpiece;

This kitchen island centerpiece is an easy way to increase functionality and make the environment more festive. This traditional and simple kitchen island was transformed to have a wonderful effect on the atmosphere in the kitchen by adding a kitchen island Christmas centerpiece. It brings Christmas spirit into the kitchen with proper Christmas decorations without any hassle. A burlap table runner, a wicker tray, decorate with dried pineapples, two potted Christmas trees, and a traditional candle lantern with black and white ribbon on the top, and some garland in white the countertop. These  Christmas kitchen ideas made this kitchen look instantly festive and merry. The simple decoration uplifts the look of the entire kitchen. You can put a little frost and play with lighting to complete this simple look with very little expense of money or time. Via Pinterest.



Decoration for the window & on the windowsill;

One of the great advantages and benefits is having a sink under the kitchen window.  Bright, practical and comfortable especially on the coming cheerful holiday such as Christmas. It’s something pretty to look at cheerful Christmas decorations on the window and on the windowsill while doing the dishes. The kitchen has pretty neutral white color with pops of natural elements such as the red poinsettias flower and 3 mini potted Christmas trees on the window and on the windowsill, which looks at the end so natural. This is a fun window sill vignette., even if it contains little faux forest décor; toy reindeers and Christmas ornaments to the décor. The window Christmas display was completed by adding a little elegance of Christmas display by wrapping the winnow with two different sized string of golden mercury glass. The overall window Christmas display made the kitchen look festive and brought the Christmas Spirit to the Decor.


Bring In A Smaller, No-Fuss Tree;

This is truly a different Christmas tree! For most, the Christmas tree sits in the living room, but when you decide to put one in your kitchen, go away from the ORIGINAL DECORATIONS. Your kitchen is full of cooking utensils: spoons, graters, spatulas, rods …  use them instead balls, stars, bells, reindeer and other Christmas figures to decorate your tree. This kind of a Christmas tree will be a focal point on your counter or kitchen island the center of all eyes.

Red Details Christmas Kitchen Decor


Red, White And Green:

 Nothing can beat the charm festive touch of pops of bright red, green and white during the holiday to the kitchen. The red color can transform your kitchen into a bright and cheerful Christmas kitchen. If you have an all-white kitchen, then throw in a few Red which is the traditional color of Christmas by using kitchen wares…checkered tablecloth or runner, red ornaments, red utensils, kitchen accessories, and some red candles. Add green wreath, mistletoe or anything that you like to infuse a fresh and natural touch to the atmosphere and to achieve the decor look for more fun and Christmas-like.

Welcoming And Festive Christmas Kitchen Décor

source;  Design Dazzle

Welcoming And Festive Christmas Kitchen Décor;

Give your kitchen a holiday treat with some simple ornaments and classic colors. This beautifully decorated kitchen is certainly an eye-cathecting for anyone who enters into it. The pops of red and green looks elegant and classy. The total white kitchen theme beside the traditional red and green colors made it look even more festive than it already is. The evergreens, red berries wreath , garland and the gingerbread wreath made the perfect finishing touch to my Christmas kitchen and brought the Christmas cheer to the room.

Christmas Star Decorations

Christmas Star Decorations;

The VY Canis Majoris — the largest star in the known universe – is a wide shimmery universe wonder. Evoke these beauties to your Christmas decoration. Construct 5 stars of five or seven-pointed poles, made from white or golden folded paper. These paper stars from Moravia are a beautiful chandelier over your table for a more Christmas touch. They will the atmosphere filled with the Christmas Magic. Via Pinterest.

Cozy Christmas Home Tour by Cherished Bliss

Rustic Christmas Kitchen Shelf Decor

This whimsical Christmas decoration looks like a woodland Christmas decoration but is very festive and welcoming. This rustic kitchen shelf decoration is full of evergreens, pine cones, mini Christmas trees, colorful Christmas ornaments, wooden reindeers, and at the top a big wooden beautiful JOY sign. Between the many Christmas décor figures pops of red, gold, and silver to brings festive Christmas spirit touches into the décor. Surly this kind of Kitchen Shelf Christmas Decoration project is sure full of fun to decorate.


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