HOW TO PUT A VERY ROMANTIC TABLE SETTING…Celebrate in the most romantic day with a dinner under the romantic candle light dinner and a very elegant set-up in a date of the lovers and live the magic of love!

The details make the difference, so this Valentine prepare a magical atmosphere starting with dining spot, dim light, scented candles, your song … it’s time for something extravagant. But like everything else, having a romantic dinner needs to prepare the table for a gourmet dinner for two only.


No matter what special meal you have decided to create for your Valentine day, the setting atmosphere is what makes it appreciated than for the food itself. Taking the time doing extra mile to cook and prepare the mood for the setting for someone special and adding the Valentine’s dinner final touches makes it speak for itself. Your attention to the details will serve to complement and to provide every amenity to complete the romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, it’s all a matter of finishing touch.

Create a romantic table starting with something bold and dramatic, or subtle and modern, whatever you see suitable for you we’ve got ideas to help to have romantic night in with your special someone and make it the best Valentine -day ever. Happy Valentine’s Day

Romantic_Dinner_Jimbaran (1)


There are not so many tableware styles and ritual of preparation to match every event in a year that creates a special mood and anticipation of the holiday. Every certain style of tableware needs selected items that add more interest to be highly expected for a huge celebration on Valentine’s Day. For a good reason creating a romantic a small dinner in a certain location in an atmosphere full of caring details such as textiles, flower arrangements, the general look of the decorated table would leave good feelings and good memories.

To help you create that evening and remember the details of that day, we took some time to help you create some unique and exquisite tableware. We have collected ideas for your inspiration of HOW TO PUT A VERY ROMANTIC TABLE setting with photos of items and examples tables to let this day fill you with joy, love and happiness!

There are 7 parts with the gallery:

  • Decide on the location,
  • textiles,
  • plate ornaments,
  • decoration of glasses and bottles,
  • additional decorations for the table,
  • flower arrangements,
  • a general look of banquet tables.

Decide on the location;

romantic table setting is by the garden

In the garden;

You can always eat in the garden…And maybe that’s because “Nothing says I love you like flowers” (if you have one). This can be very romantic to treat your date to a fairytale experience, in a location where you don’t normally eat. If the season of the year is right eating amongst the flowers makes you and your partner feels special.  Pick a “fancy” dining table covered with flowers, hanging candles in metal lanterns, magical fairy lights, and paper lanterns from the trees and plants all in a goal of a romantic setting,

Romantic Table Setting

By the pool;

Another very romantic table setting is by the pool overlooking wide ocean. Capture the mood of a romantic setting by the pool overlooking wide ocean dinner under the twinkling stars. Just the two of you on a table, having dozens of candlelit floated in the pool for an awe-inspiring effect. Special romantic dinner setup by the soothing music of the ocean till the sunset colors to make your date.

romantic dinner under the tent


In a tent;

Get inspired by this decked out tent natural coziness and by setting up dinner inside. this unique take on dinner, under some hanging lanterns, paper flowers. Dinner will be even more special under the tent aglow and will keep your date warm.


At the beach;

Set up a picturesque dinner for two with no man-made disturbances under the stars and the blowing wind. You and your beloved can enjoy a beachy-romantic dinner while watching the sun set into the waves of the ocean.

romantic dining space in the bed room


Romantic dinner at home;

If you’re planning to have a romantic dinner at home and missing out on some good loving, then it is wise to create a romantic dining space in the bed room. It is just the time for a break. Romance will never be a hard work for a couple who love each other in their bedroom. Line up tall candlesticks serve dinner on trays, carefully arranged a centerpiece of your favorite flowers and folded white napkins.


Plate decor for romantic evening;

Decorative plates that have meaning to your date for any holiday is often a major part of the decoration of the main table. They may contain your favorite colors or flowers that shows your significant especially on Valentine’s Day. Choose decorations and accent pieces that both of you love and have certain memories OR create new ones. The colors of the plates can add to the mood. For example, contrast colors of the tablecloth with the color of the dishes and fancy cloth napkins. Make sure your dishes sparkle well to reflect your candles or twinkling lights.

valentines-day-ideas-decorating-plate-for-romantic-eveningOrnament ideas for Valentine’s day romantic decorations and table setting;

A little Valentine decorating to create a beautiful table setting adds additional decorations for the table. Here you can find a few images for additional ornament ideas for Valentine’s day romantic decorations and table setting that would add charm to your romantic table.

Decorated glasses for Valentine’s Day


Decorated glasses and bottles for Valentine’s Day;

Your valentine table will not be complete without drinks, decorated glasses and bottles for Valentine’s Day are the perfect addition to your party for the celebration. Give special attention to decorate the glass itself with paints, glitters, ribbons, flowers or acrylic stones to give an extra special look for your glasses.

Flowers and flower arrangements for Romantic table settings for Valentine’s DayFlowers and flower arrangements for Romantic table settings for Valentine’s Day;

A person in love wishes to be loved without a why or a wherefore, thus flowers since decades were and still are the symbol of beauty and sensuality. You cannot slide through the Day of Love without a flower in a form of a bouquet, centerpiece or even a single flower that tells the secret story of your love…One simple flower can grace the table.



Romantic textile ;

Embrace soft and romantic textile stylistic decor by employing red, pink, crimson and white tone of hearts, flowers, polka dots or butterflies’ textiles on and around your Valentine’s table.



Flowers-for-Romantic-table-settings-for-Valentine’s-Dayromantic dinner in the gardensource
Turn your Back Garden into a Bohemian Fairyland


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