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48 Inspiring Holiday Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

48 Inspiring Holiday Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas…There are no limits when it comes to decorating ideas, especially for decorating the Christmas mantels. For most living rooms, a fireplace mantel is often the focal area of a room; at Christmastime its design is one of the most important elements in a space.

How do you decorate a mantel for Christmas?

Choosing the best Christmas decorations for your fireplace is so important, it is the perfect base for your Christmas decorations and doesn’t have to be a difficult mission.

Discover different types of fireplaces you can decorate for Christmas

Fireplace Christmas decoration is affected by the place of its installation and the decorative style surrounding it. Christmas decoration and design options are different for wood, electric and false fireplaces.

Previously, the only purpose of these fireplaces was to serve a crucial purpose in domestic environments. They were used mainly for an efficient heating mechanism…dwelling, cooking, and heating water for laundry. With their properties they were and are very suitable to maintain a comfortable temperature in wooden and stone houses, dried wet clothes and heated water for domestic needs. With the advent of technology and times, a lot has changed in the world of fireplace. Now the fireplace has become similarly shaped … an architectural mainstay, an attribute of style and a bright touch in interior decor since the early-to-mid 19th century. Adding a fireplace to any room can create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. They transform a wall from bare to beautiful makeover, giving the room a fresh look in a relatively short amount of time.

Today, fireplaces can be found not only in country houses and dachas but in modern houses in different styles and designs. Fireplaces make the space sparkle with colors and can be decorated with a variety of decorative elements accomplishing to the occasion.

In this article, if you’re wondering where to start, we’ve compiled 48 Inspiring Holiday Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas where you will learn how to beautifully and decorate a fireplace whether in a house or apartment. Beside some design tips to help you balance function and beauty. You will be surprised to see how a few simple ideas of designers can transform a space! The holiday season is a traditional time to let your creative side shine through decorating the mantel with special decorating touch to make it a one-of-kind design.

What’s Your Style?

Your home’s existing style and where you’re installing the fireplace will influences on the look of your decor. If you have a contemporary style home, you’ll want a Christmas contemporary décor style fireplace to look like a piece of art.  A more rustic home lends itself to a stone or brick ones. Even industrial chic style has distinctive design parameters. Fireplace style gives you creative license to choose your Christmas decoration style and materials used, Generally, a home with a traditional Fireplace style is best suited for a traditional Christmas decoration style. But if there are a lot of sleek lines in your home, it leans toward Christmas contemporary decorations.

With Christmas less than weeks away, we’ve gathered some unique, gorgeous and fresh, yet traditional ideas for decorating the mantel to share, you can easily implement in your home.

Ideas for decorating a fireplace at the place of installation

Fireplaces are most often existed in the living room or in the dining room combined with the kitchen, rarely in the bedroom and usually centered within a room.

Fireplaces location can be conditionally divided into several types and thus, get Christmas decorating ideas according to their design.

Christmas decorating ideas for wall- mounted fireplace

A wall- mounted fireplace is a traditional installation method, mainly are installed only in country houses. Traditionally a fireplace is built into a wall with a chimney and a gas pipe is suitable for large rooms, wood and gas fireplaces. It has a welcoming sight and warm glow.

As Christmas decoration for wall- mounted fireplace and mantel are decked out so easy in the holiday spirit. It accepts all Christmas decorative materials of various style. This increasingly popular interior fireplace design creates an attractive focal point in the room. To decorate a fireplace to be an eye-catching use Christmas stocking holder, garlands, candles, warm twinkling lights, DIY wreath and tiny villages. In fact, any Christmas decorative items from floor to ceiling and all ideas of Christmas touches would, approve Christmas mantel look. Sometimes flowers pots, photographs in frames, figurines may be placed on the mantel. Above the fireplace, you can hang a picture, mirror in a beautiful frame, art, Television, Clock, Wreath, Chalkboard all which is stylish and practical.

Christmas decorating ideas for Embedded fireplace

Built-in fireplaces take up none of your precious floor space, they are particularly important n small rooms.  Built-in fireplaces are installed not only in country cottage, but also in apartments. Built-in fireplaces generally do not have a mantel, so there will be fewer decor options, but still you can use materials in contrasting a mantel as and for decoration. This design of Contemporary built-ins will create a decorative element for occasion décor as a bright interior accent.

Christmas decorating ideas for Corner fireplace

Corner fireplaces are much more practical than a regular fireplace. They can be tucked into even the smallest nook, taking up less space. They fit into areas a regular fireplace will not and do not interfere with freely moving around the room. Decorating the mantel is the focus point that catches all the attention. With Christmas decoration, there are many things you can do to make it a visual focal point as well. These include photos of your family, decorative scented or colored candles, garlands, wreath, mirror…ect. There is no limit to what you can do for Christmas decorations for a corner fireplace… you have a unique opportunity to make the fireplace a real masterpiece. Create harmony and balance in the interior using the traditional Christmas decorations or other theme designs, you can make the fireplace portal the main and most striking decorative element in the room.

Christmas decorating ideas for Island (or freestanding) fireplace

An island fireplace is a spectacular design; stylish and modern particularly for spacious living rooms. It attracts attention. It is rather difficult when it comes to Christmas decorations, but you can decorate the room with correctly arranged furniture.

How to decorate a fireplace and what to put on it: choose a decor for the style of the room

The decor for the fireplace should be mesmerized and chosen in according to the style of the room to bring a more stylish look into your house. Otherwise, the design will feel imbalanced. Let’s look at the most popular fireplaces styles and get inspiration from these original decor options for each direction.

Classic Fireplace Christmas Decorations

Generally, these types of fireplaces were accepted to be the first fireplaces appeared in palaces and estates attracting everyone’s eyes with their gorgeous designs. They were decorated with gilding, exquisite carving and engraving, and many different types of precious and semi-precious stones. The same, luxurious fireplaces can be found in our modern country houses.

Fireplaces in the classic style are wall-mounted and built-in. When it comes to decorating these types of fireplaces for Christmas, the designers decorate the mantel and the portal, thus, you must follow the classic red & green style of Christmas decorations and the traditional holiday symbols. Stick to hues of rich, holly red and deep, emerald green to give it an innovative touch and a timeless appeal.

Fireplace in the style of English classics

English fireplaces are decorated by a vintage Christmas mantel décor which is a similar principle the classic ones. Vintage Christmas mantel are characterized by the right angles, strict lines prevail, restraint and a certain stiffness that reflects the characteristic features of the style – in their design.

Country style fireplaces

Country-style fireplace in living rooms and dining rooms, are guaranteed with plenty of Christmas mantel decor ideas to give your fireplace a makeover for the holidays. Although, you will not find false fireplaces and electric models, usually, designers give preference to traditional wood-burning hearths. They are large to create the impression of massiveness, heaviness that goes well with the holiday season.

Candles are another source of heat and light, will also look very organic with a fireplace. They can be arranged in several ways to achieve an amazing effect.

Contemporary style fireplaces

Modern Christmas mantel ideas are far away than the traditional red and green Christmas decorations. the decorations mainly depend on the rest of your room’s décor. Usually, designers adhere to the principles of minimalism. In the process of decorating the modern mantel, attention is focused on the practicality of all decor elements but at the same time creating an interesting display.

High-tech fireplaces

A home of a high-tech style and design can also have fireplaces. Holiday decorating style are more likely to be electric models that emphasize the spirit of innovation. On Christmas designers prefer to decorate them to a minimum…to create ambiance using futuristic lighting fixtures, chrome elements, gadgets and services galore will give your holiday setup a smart and geeky edge.

Scandinavian style fireplace

Scandinavian homes are often decorated with a fireplace. to evoke the coldness of the Nordic countries and create a homely atmosphere. The Scandi-style fireplace has beautiful designs which help the designers to play with amazing Christmas fireplace decoration ideas. In fact, a fireplace in the Scandinavian style can be amazingly decoratedMinimalism, practicality, natural and natural materials are a priority.

A fireplace in any style is a piece of art in your home so, let your imagination run wild and be sure to visualize ideas.










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