100 DIY Easter Wreaths Ideas to Welcome Spring into Your Home

Get inspiration from these DIY Easter wreaths to Welcome Spring into Your Home throughout the entire spring season. Choose from easy DIY wreaths ...

DIY Easter Wreaths…The nice thing about Easter decorations is that you can keep up for the entire season to instantly feel the joy of the springtime, not only when the Easter Bunny is hopping. The bright colors of Easter wreath made of floral patterns, or any Easter symbolic wreaths can work with the whole spring season aesthetic.

These Easter wreath colors — soft pastels in pink, yellow, blue and purple _ are a cute way to welcome your guests as they brighten up any house adding a touch of spring whimsy to your home!

It is not surprising that the Easter wreath is perfectly adorable an integral Easter decoration on your front door. they would also make an elegant and stylish interior decoration for decorating walls, windows, doors as well. So, with speckled eggs, fluffy bunny wreath, a wreath filled with candy or a sophisticated garden-picked- floral wreath these DIYs will give a cheerful welcome to your home.

These Easter wreath ideas feature all your favorite symbols… bunnies, chicks, and Easter eggs, flowers, grass, carrots, baskets, and baby chicks.  For those who love to take a more subtle approach, we’ve included several festive wreaths options to choose from that celebrate the spring season as a whole. Nothing shows off the feeling of a “fresh start” spring vibes like being greeted with a fun, colorful DIY springtime craft, after all.

The perfect DIY Easter wreaths would be a hit for you with a bit of spring fever. The DIY Easter wreath would be a colorful and sophisticated decoration for the interior as It brings everyone together and creates lasting memories after the long-awaited Easter holiday season.

From pastel-colored blooms, to speckled Easter eggs and from rustic grapevine and burlap to cozy yarn and fresh greenery, these decorations give your home a fresh spring makeover in an instant. This list of DIY Easter wreath designs and ideas has something for every home décor style to welcome Spring. And for those who have a little bit of extra time and love to be crafty with your hands (and most people do), there are several wreaths couldn’t be more easier to make yourself. OR gather with the kids around for that they will love making Easter wreaths which will give a totally different look. Your kids will like these elegant decorations and this list of  simple DIY Easter wreath projects would have made an excellent job in stimulating your imagination.

We’ve got DIY wreaths for everyone from beginner crafters and those of more experience. There’s an Easter craft and ideas in one place for everyone.

Easter Pom Pom Wreath

How elegant is this pom pom Easter bunny wreath? They are super easy to make, and kids will love these fancy wreaths. You could decorate with Easter symbols… bunny, mini eggs, birds, flowers as they definitely add colors of spring and warmth. This project is perfect for using up odds and scrap fabric and yarn. These darling Easter Spring Pom Pom Wreaths are wonderful idea with which any day will turn into a real holiday!

Easter wreath of pompoms


Spring Bunny Pom Pom Wreath


DIY Pom Pom Easter Bunny Wreath


Feather Easter Wreath;

Easter wreath made of feather is so airy and delicate. This Easter wreath can be adorned with lots of pretty colored feathers, pastel eggs, bird figures, pieces of matting, corks, and flowers to create a charming Easter decoration.

Jewel Toned Egg and Feather Easter Wreath




Easter Wreath Made Of Hay;

With bunches of hay make an Easter wreath that will look very stylish. This superbly rustic piece became back to life to flaunt with its beauty. Within the raw texture of hay add the necessary materials for creativity to display the bright inflorescences, juicy ocher colors, colored, monochromatic decorative eggs in a color of your choice on this Easter wreath base. Be creative and have fun giving it to your loved ones

Easter Felt Wreath

Easter Felt wreath is a little different from made especially to be used indoors for a dramatic effect. Felt is soft construction so feel free to hang it within reach of the kids. It is an inexpensive Easter craft material, that you can let your child be involved helping you to design your own pretty Easter wreath. Use soft, colorful felt to make an Easter wreath.  Add flowers, bunnies and more and hang it with a piece of vintage lace. Easter Felt wreath could be use on your table with a lovely candle in the middle… an alternative to a hanged door wreath.


Cute Easter Felt Flower Wreath 

Cute Easter Bunny Wreath with Felt Flowers

 Easter Wreath with Felt Flowers

Easter Grapevine Wreath

An Easter wreath woven from grapevine branches are appreciated because they uniquely add beauty to wherever they are hanged. They give you the opportunity to fully reveal your creative abilities. Mostly, they are placed on the doors due to their close link to our religion’s thoughts …the birth of Jesus. Easter grapevine wreaths are not just for doors, you can make use of Easter grapevine wreaths for decorating the interior doors of the house by placing it on the windows, door knob, mantel and many other places and uses depending on their size and décor style. Easter grapevine wreaths is decorated with accent elements. They can be embellished with ribbons; and twine, dried flowers or even fake flowers, silk butterflies. Easter symbolic figures are traditional too-chickens, bunnies and traditional eggs_ can be part of your Easter grapevine wreath. The woven grapevine branches can be painted in white, blue or olive tone.

Grapevine Spring Easter Wreath

Grapevine Flower Easter Wreath

 Grapevine Napkin Ring Easter Wreath

Grapevine Moss  Easter Wreath

Tulle Easter Wreath

Tulle is fashionable material, used in crafts and DIYS. On Easter time a perfectly Spring-y and adorable Tulle Easter Wreath can add a more Easter-y themed on your door.

Crochet Easter Wreath;

Because of their bright vibrant colors reminiscent of a spring meadow, Easter and Spring wreaths became popular to decorate front doors and other interior areas of their home. Crochet Easter Wreath and Amigurumi Easter Wreath are ideal decorative craft projects for any Easter and summer season. They make the cutest decoration for the holiday.  Floral crochet inspiration, eggs, birds, butterflies and other amigurumi appliques are such sweet patterns to add to the Easter wreath. Therefore, please enjoy these wonderful, joyous crochet Easter wreaths.

Amigurumi Easter Wreath


source source

Easter Burlap Wreath;

A full, layered burlap Easter wreath have a rustic look and embellish to suit the Easter  theme. They favorite for many décor designers because they are more natural, and perfect for many occasions.


Rustic Burlap Wreath for Spring


Burlap, Eggs, and Bow Easter Wreath

Easter Egg Carton Wreath

Easter eggs comes in egg cartons… so, go green and use these Easter egg cartons to make an Easter egg carton craft idea. Have fun with the kids and discover how to upcycle and reuse Easter egg cartons for Easter home decor.




Easter Deco Mesh Wreath;

Easter deco mesh wreath is a fun and colorful wreath, perfect for Easter. It’s also so quick, easy and inexpensive to make. Easter deco mesh wreaths can symbolize Easter using bunnies, floral, Easter eggs, Easter candy and much more. These colorful and creative DIY Easter deco mesh wreaths give your front door a festive look for spring



Pretty Burlap Easter Bunny Wreath


Carrot Wreath

Image Credit: Donna’s Adoornables (Pinterest)

Easter Egg Mesh Wreath

Easter cross  Wreath

Willow Easter Wreath;

Willow Easter wreath are amazing décor ideas for Easter and Spring. Fresh willow wreaths have many variants decorations. Pussy willows wreaths are used indoor and outdoor in-home décor. This natural material is used to create beautiful handmade holiday decorations. Not only that, willow wreaths are for Easter and also a great spring décor. Create your own willow Easter wreath at home and from inspiring ideas below know how to use them as décor items in every tiny place in your home.


Pretty Easter Egg and Bunny Nest Decoration

Pretty Easter willow Nest Decoration


Pretty Easter  Nest Door Decoration

Flip Flop Easter Wreath;

This is a new and creative way to decorate for summer season. DIY Flip Flop Wreath is a fun way and an easy craft to add a little bit of whimsy to your front door. A perfect easy wreath craft to make with your kids during Easter holiday to welcome the coming spring. This handmade and one of a kind wreath projects that can be done with different colored flip flops to display for the summer months.

Crafting the Easter wreath décor and knowing you put in the work to make the occasion special is so much more fulfilling than purchasing ones. These Easter crafts give your indoor and outdoor Easter decorations a complete holiday makeover. Read on for step by step tutorials for each of these adorable Easter wreaths.

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