Unique Easter Holiday Flowers , plants & trees gifts

Easter as a religious day sends valuable messages to Christiane people throughout the world. On Easter day many flowers and plants are gifted for the occasion. Many of these trees and flower are associated with the Easter season and the passion of Jesus Christ for example; Flowering dogwood, Scarlet passion flower (Pass flora coccinea), red-bud tree (called the Judas tree), Crucifix orchid (Epidendrum ibaguense) and palm trees, lilies, and many others. Although nobody knows exactly what kind of plant was used to make the cross wood that Jesus was crucified on, or what plant made the crown of thorns and was placed on Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. Many plants were suggested but mainly three were given religious significance by the missionaries, which are the Scarlet passion flower, the Crucifix orchid, and the dogwood tree. An interesting symbolic feature of some Easter flowers are that their shapes are of a cross, signifying the cross that Jesus was crucified on. These flowers and plants are some of many that were mentioned in the Bible (around 80 kinds of plants were mentioned in the holly book). Easter is a good time of the year to signify faith and belief through these flowers, plants & trees gifts.