Creative Upcycling Ideas for home decoration: Inspiration and craft ideas

Upcycle the old items in your home into unique, upcycled projects. Get inspired with these creative ideas and make the most of what you already have. Unleash your imagination and bring new life to what you already have.

Renovating your home’s interior can give it a new look and a cozy atmosphere. You can start by recycling old jars and glass vases while adding handmade signs and artwork to make your place uniquely yours. Try toying with color by painting walls, pots, or other objects to add life to your environment. You may create a unique style that’s inexpensive and fun by looking into creative DIY projects.

At our website, you can explore our creative tips for creating an urban jungle interior design or repurposing old vases, jars, and pots with simple materials. We offer inspiration for DIY home decor and provide step-by-step instructions to help you bring these ideas to life. By incorporating our DIY decoration ideas, you can transform your living space into a reflection of your individuality, style, and creativity.

DIY home décor: turning old things into something new with our upcycling ideas!

Individuality and sustainability are two important aspects that we highly value today. The urban jungle style, which embodies nature and sophistication while incorporating modernity, remains popular in many urban homes. Upcycling is also a trend, where the old is transformed into the new.

Why not bring out your old jars, vases, and embroidery hoops and give them a new life? You can use FIMO leather-effect modeling paste to create unique patterns on your old vases, rejuvenate your glasses, and make a welcome sign from an embroidery hoop with custom banners. Decorate your jars, new or old, with a personalized sticker created by you. Adding watercolor drawings as wall decorations will bring a touch of exotic vacation to your home.

DIY decoration made with love is always the best! These beautiful home decorations are also great gifts for family and friends as handmade items are becoming rarer. A personalized DIY project with unique patterns and labels will make an excellent and original present that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Find our creative tips and ideas with instructions below so you can easily make your own home decorations!

Botanical Life: Is Trending in Home Design

The urban jungle trend continues to be popular in many homes. For those without a garden, indoor plants provide a touch of nature and create a warm, calming atmosphere. In today’s focus on environmental protection, incorporating plants into home decor helps to remind us of the importance of preserving our living space.

You can personalize the urban jungle trend with simple DIY home decor ideas, such as using natural forms and embracing minimalist botanical aesthetics to bring a sense of well-being to your home.

Ideas to convert the embroidery hoop

Creating DIY home decor is easy with our instructions! Start by taking an embroidery hoop and decorating it with a combination of natural elements, gentle watercolor designs in olive green, and a personalized message written in beautiful calligraphy. Use materials like linen, wool thread, or raffia to cover the embroidery hoop and add embellishments with hand-lettered phrases or a single word, such as “Welcome” or “Thank You”. To achieve a minimalist Nordic-style appearance for your wall decor, incorporate decorative elements such as plants, moss, twigs, feathers, or grass.

Jungle wall decor ideas

To incorporate the urban jungle style into your home decor, you don’t need to have real plants in every room. A simple and effective alternative is to hang DIY watercolor paintings featuring natural motifs, such as gingko, pilea, or cactus. With Design Journey watercolor pencils and a pigment liner, you can create stunning botanical artworks. Match the colors of your paintings to create an evergreen wall that embodies the essence of the botanical lifestyle.

Remember, you don’t have to fill the entire paper with drawings. By only drawing leaves and vines, you can achieve a minimalist and modern look that follows the motto “Be brave and leave blanks.” This DIY decoration is a must-try for every room in your home.

Recycling Jar Ideas / Jar Crafts for Home Decor 

Almost everyone has a jar or two at home, whether they have a screw top or a wire lid. These jars are perfect for storing food or jams, and with a little creativity, they can be transformed into decorative pieces. To give a vintage touch to your home, use a Lumocolor permanent marker to write the content or ingredient information, such as “Sugar”, “Pasta”, “Oatmeal”, or “Flour”. If you prefer, you can also use black cardboard and white Design Journey super soft pencils to create elegant lettering. The white lettering on the black sticker works well for light ingredients like flour, salt, or sugar. For an even more beautiful DIY sign, check out our Hand Lettering Guide. Another option for decorating jars is to create hanging signs using FIMO. Whether you keep the jars for yourself or give them away, these easy DIY recycling ideas will turn your old jars into eye-catching pieces.

Recycle Planter Ideas to Beautify Your Garden with FIMO

Refinishing terra-cotta clay pots with FIMO soft is an easy and creative way to enhance their appearance. Choose from trendy colors like white, Sahara, or leather to give your pots a unique touch. One popular trend is decorating the pots to look like they have faces with features such as eyelashes and eyes made of FIMO modeling paste. Unleash your creativity and decorate your pots with any design or motif that fits your personal style. If you prefer to use colored pencils, simply cover the pots with paper bags and add individual lettering or watercolor illustrations. Embrace the motto “give your world the way you like it” and make your pots truly one-of-a-kind.

Recycling vases, glasses and bottles: rustic and modern DIY decoration with FIMO leather-effect

Upcycle your old milk bottles, candle holders, and crystal glasses with a leather-effect banderole to give them a chic new look. With FIMO modeling paste, crafting distinctive coatings is a breeze. Simply wrap the banderole around the bottle or glass neck to create a Nordic-inspired appearance, particularly in earthy shades. These embellished vases and holders are perfect as table adornments for special occasions such as weddings or baptisms.


Decoration ideas with FIMO: textured coating of old vases and glasses

If you’re a fan of Rosenthal’s iconic wrinkled bag vases, you’ll be glad to know that recreating them with relief patterns is simple using FIMOair. For a minimalist look, use FIMO air light in white. All you need are some old vases that you no longer use or like. With the modeling paste, you can create beautiful designs, such as stripes, dots, patterns, or any other type of ridged and embossed outlines.

Alternatively, you can create unique DIY decorations with FIMO soft to decorate simple glass vases and personalize them with colored dots or stripes. If you’re following the latest trends, the color of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue Pantone 19-4052. This shade of blue is known for its calming and elegant properties, and it will bring a sense of serenity to your home.


To achieve a hygge-style home environment, try recycling candle holders with a Nordic look. Keep in mind that special modeling tools can make your work easier, as they can help you prepare the FIMO modeling paste and shape and cut it to your liking.


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