50 Fabulous Handmade Craft &DIY Projects For Gift Ideas

These handmade gift ideas are perfect for your loved ones. Get 50 projects that are cute and easy to make!

Today I’ve rounded up several inexpensive handmade gifts for you for any occasion. There have been some Handmade craft & diy projects for gift ideas for adults and kisa showing that there really is so much talent out there!

We all know how much people love gifts even with no occasions at all, but creative homemade gifts  are always amazing, they just melt our hearts. At least for me they are much better than anything else I could ask for.

You can also get inspired with other handmade craft &DIY projects for gift ideas using some of our past articles Handmade Crafts Ideas For Gifts and Holiday Gift-Wrapping Ideas to help get you started.

See what we have collected are one-of-a-kind gifts you can create for him, her, the kids and even the family pet and mostly these gifts below are fabulous gift ideas that are easy to do.

Easy handmade gift ideas


DIY Bath Bombs:

Make bath time more enjoyable by customizing your DIY bath bombs for the seasons by using shaped molds! This is fun for making your own, or it can make a great gift that is EXTREMELY easy to make. All you do is getying to pick the scent and color.


Homemade Body Scrubs

This easy sugar scrub is made with REAL ingredients, the perfect DIY gift idea. You only need a few simple ingredients to make a basic sugar scrubsugar, coconut oil and an oil extract to scent your scrub. Inexpensive and easy to make!


Beautiful Decorative Pillow

Cute looking DIY throw pillows would make a great accent on your beds and couch!  They are super-easy DIY throw pillow covers as long as you can sew a straight line. Just grab a pricy piece of material with your favorite decorative design and make your own pillows. DIY throw pillows are one of the most affordable ways to decorate your home and go with the season trends.

Decorative Jars for Gifts

Mason jars are not just for canning—they’re the key material in your home that can be engaged in the art of gift-giving. All you do is transform it into thoughtful DIY Mason Jar Gifts. Decorative Jars for Gifts are ideal for any special occasion.

Just throw some goodies in and tie a pretty bow on top and you have created a unique Mason Jar Gift. Via sugarandcloth,fallfordiy,thegunnysack.


Quick and Easy Fabric Bookmarks

Instead of grabbing any scrap paper or receipt fin laying around start using an attractive handmade bookmark that make you happy to find certain page again.

DIY Terrariums

Terrariums are a unique, low-cost gift idea. They are fun and add some life to any room.


DIY Handstamped Tea Towel

This DIY handstamped tea towel is a beautiful pattern. Wait, that’s not even true. Use stamps as some sort of fun & games activity to bring out the creative juices as you stuck in your thought process.


DIY Plant Hangers:

MACRAME hang planter adds some instant style to any room. It only takes a few supplies and can be put together in less than an hour. Via  A Beautiful Mess.


Tissue Paper Fringe Ornaments

Sure, there are literally hundreds of thousands of different ornaments, but this is one of a kind. Add a pop of color to your home this year with these completely unique DIY ornaments.

DIY Dreamcatchers:

Good dreams are everywhere but waiting to be caught. This super cool dreamcatcher is waiting to be made. Put your dreamcatchers in your car, room, office or bedroom wall, plenty places is  to represent your creativity. Via petitepartystudio.

Handmade gift ideas for friends


Diy lighted potpourri jar

Here’s a trendy holiday decorating idea and a great way to scent your home. Diy lighted potpourri jar combines the soft glow of mini lights with the gentle scent of warm potpourri. glow to the entire area. This easy lighted Christmas potpourri jar is an easy way to infuse a room with holiday ambience or light up the dark corner of a hallway.


Homemade Candles

DIY Candles are an excellent gift for almost anyone even if they were as the last-minute gift. Candles add warmth, light, and coziness to every space. Making your own homemade candles is so much fun and a great project to do yourself. You can customize the color, scent, and look, but adding  gesture makes the gift twice as unique.


Homemade Coasters to Give as Gifts

Coasters can be a great gift for many occasions throughout the year – birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation Day. Any gift is appreciated when a personal touch comes with a little something handmade, and are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!


Decoupage Soap Craft with Mod Podge

This decoupage soap craft is easy even if you’ve never crafted before. You’ll be able to accomplish this decoupage on soap project for a gift idea or wedding favor. It’s simple and very quick.The Mod Podge technique keeps the design from washing off when you suds up!


Handmade Potpourri:

Set your seasonal candles aside and use a seasonal holiday ingredient of a mixture of dried fruits, herbs, and spices. Potpourri is a strong-scented mixture to fill your home with the scents of the holiday season or to make a handmade holiday gift!

All you need is a few ingredients that are significantly cheaper, and certainly smell amazing, a mason jar, and twine.


DIY Tote Bags:

What better way to personalize a gift than with a cute complimentary DIY Tote Bag. Who doesn’t love thoughtful homemade gifts, even more something that the kids can make. We have always created the artwork handprint flowers, footprint on (or with) paper, but today you may want to do more.


Custom calendar

Display favorite moments with a photo calendar online year-round for thoughtful gift ideas for friends, family, and loved ones. Giving personalized calendars using your own photos as a gift is a meaningful gesture.

Wall Art Print

Wall Art Print is the most popular items gifted as home decor and uniquely distinctive gifts. It is a  unique holiday presents & Christmas gifts for women, men, kids, teens…ect.


Easy DIY Clay Ornament Gift Toppers

These simple and pretty DIY Clay Ornaments are perfect for gift toppers as Christmas crafting. The perfect final addition to your carefully curated gift-giving hanging from your tree!


Personalized friendship bracelets

A daily gentle reminder… A custom bracelet with meaningful words is a thoughtful friendship gift for your beloved friends. Made to be worn every day. Personalized friendship bracelets can be done through embroidery, beads, or charms too.

Handmade gift ideas for adults

The instructions for making your bath salt recipes is completely customizable with your own scents and cosmetic extra goodness!


 DIY Modern lantern  

Faces on elements have been a decorative trend for some time now, especially of a minimalist nature. here are lanterns with a face added in a very simple method. All you need for the technique is white craft glue and cellulose such as tissues. Then make a modern lantern yourself.


DIY Photo Magnets

These are the easiest craft projects you’ve ever made in your life that even a kid can make them!  Great craft for teens or adults as Christmas gifts, personalize them any way you like.


Cute Fabric Mug Cozy

Pack your gift with some fantastic thoughts, by turning the “simplest things into beautiful gifts. For those who love the ease of giving gifts and want to add a little something personal too. These mug cozies go perfectly with a simple mug as a great gift!

Homemade Coasters to Give as Gifts

A set of coasters is the perfect gift. Coasters are an opportunity to show off style and personality. Coasters are an easy way to try out an interior design trend without spending a ton of money.

Personalized Photo Puzzle

Turn your favorite photo into a is a personalized photo gift that the whole family can enjoy. Photo Puzzles are perfect for gifting or a game night with friends that brings some unique magic to this classic family pastime. Via mpix.


Festive Tea Towel

Change your plain old boring tea towels to mini works of art. Tea towels can be printed with your choice of designs. But tea towels aren’t just useful for washing up, they make great eco-friendly wrapping too.


Personalized Wood Spoon

Personalize this wooden spoon to make a unique gift or keepsake. This is wonderful for weddings, housewarming, bridal showers, mother day gift or for any occasion.


Give the gift of self-care

Taking care of yourself should not be an option, especially when life’s challenges get difficult.  To focus on health helps us manage our emotional states. Taking care of yourself begins with treating yourself well—and that could mean soaking in a tea-infused bath after a stressful day.


Cute embroidered card case

Give gift cards a personal touch with a beautifully decorated holder! A special treat and unique way to present someone with a gift card.

Blanket ladder

This simple DIY blanket ladder makes the perfect quilt display blankets in your own home when they aren’t in use. It is a perfect holiday gift idea or a perfect Mother’s Day Gift idea.

Handmade gift ideas for her


Homemade Lip Balm

Homemade lip balm is a fantastic DIY gift idea with unlimited spring flavor and color options! These lip balms are firm to the touch but soften beautifully upon contact with your lips … gives you smoother, softer lips plus a tint of color and sheen.



 Fabric Headbands

This is a simple sewing project…nice and dressing practically Fabric Headbands that stay on your head with no headache.


Crocheted Cup Cozies:  

Try this timeless funny crochet cup cozy pattern for the very best in unique or custom and create the perfect handmade gift for anyone who loves hot or cold drinks!


Handmade Soap Bars:

Why not make your own one of the bestselling gift idea available online … Handmade Soap Bar. Handmade bar soap for men and women made with pure essential oils for scent and only natural ingredients.


Teapot Sewing Kit

For sew lovers … comes a need for storage for sewing supplies. A functional pin cushion that may sound crazy, a vintage teapot to upcycle into a DIY pin cushion that could hide in plain sight. Would that be the perfect thing.


Handprint apron

 So, we thought this idea of an apron set, with the kids’ hands and feet prints, would be cute for them. Can be gifted as a Mother’s Day Handprint Apron which would be perfect! Using your kids hand prints and feet prints on an apron to personalize apron is perfect to be gifted to you love ones.!


DIY Homemade Bath Salt

What better than an easy and cozy homemade gift to share on a gift-giving season than homemade bath salt. This DIY homemade bath salt is super easy and simple: Mix all ingredients in a bowl and stir.

Clear Glass Christmas Ornament

If you are a crafty person do craft something special for Christmas, there are brilliant ideas for you – take some clear glass ornaments, add your touch. Turn on your imagination using many ways to style and decorate such ornaments for the holidays. Filled glass ornaments can act not only as ornaments or decor but also as small gifts.


Alcohol ink coasters

This fun alcohol ink craft and resin project is really easy… marbled DIY alcohol ink coasters.  If you know how to use alcohol inks on ceramics and China, the results are something really pretty! It creates an interesting watercolor-like look that anyone can achieve.



Learn how to make these cutest Christmas cuffed mitten ornaments for Beginners! This craft felt!  pattern is very easy and is absolutely suited for beginners. Are you really personalize the ornaments to suit your holiday decorations! Full tutorial included.

Handmade gift ideas for him


Homemade DIY Leather Keychains

Just a simple and sleek leather keychain to help carry around keys. This leather craft tutorial will teach you how to handmake a DIY leather keychain like the ones.


Bottle cap Fishing lures

I think we can all agree that coming up with handmade gift ideas for men is a real task. Bottle cap Fishing lures might be the perfect gift for those men who love to fish or drink …or do a little bit of both…at the same time.

DIY magnetic wristband

If you consider yourself a craftsman, handyman, or DIY enthusiast then try to make a magnetic wristband. You’ll need when you’re in the middle of a project or remodeling your home or a piece of furniture. Make the reach of that nail or screw more simple. Keep those metal pieces handy, available, and outside the anyone’s site. Via Robb’s Homemade Life.

Mini love letters

A gorgeous box of 12 ‘reasons why I love you’ Miniature Love Letters A beautiful small box filled with lots of Love, in their own miniature kraft envelopes.

This gift is a personalized anniversary gift for your true love. Each box features beautiful artwork with little hints of love. Every love letter is one reasons why you love to share a happy memory.

A Goodie Box

A really fun Love list Detail you can add here as a Handmade gift idea for him. DIY to your gift. If You have kids let them help you make it. Such a fun way to add a little joy to your gift… Great Gift for Dad, Husband.


Handprint Grill Apron

This fun handprint grill apron gift for Father’s Day? Can be created in 10 minutes. DIY Father’s Day Grilling Apron for Fathers, Grandpas, Uncles will all love this BBQ grill apron gift that is sure to please any grilling expert!


Date night jar

How do you make a date ideas jar? Making Date night jar is a fun option — one for each week of the year or one for each moth a year. In both cases it’s a fun way for couples to plan a date night ahead of time.

“According to The Marriage Foundation, couples who have around one dedicated date night a month are around 14% less likely to break up than couples who go on fewer date nights.”

So, make a date ideas jar ideas into your routine can give your love life a boost.

Spotify Photo Frame

Capture the magic of music memories with a Personalized Spotify Frame! This is unique and a thoughtful gift, perfect for any occasion, allowing you to celebrate the beauty of music while preserving your most beloved songs forever.

Mug Medley

Perfect gift idea, where style meets function in every sip. It’s always a great time to give someone a mug. With so many occasions make them your recipient feel even more special Mugs make for the ideal gift for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary, or any other special event.

Custom smartphone case

Make your own Custom Phone case with several different styles. Create a custom case with photos, text, monograms and more.


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