DIY Macramé Dreamcatcher Creative Ideas and TutorialsWe spend about a third of our lives in a dream, so we would like dreams to get more joy and satisfaction out of life. Dreams allow us to wake up in a wonderful mood, full of elation and joy and love. Macramé dream catcher became one of the modern décor elements to decorate walls and to spice up a pale white wall. There are many beautiful designs and styles.

Crafting a macramé dream catcher has good effects on the human psyche beside the legend behind. We all are aware about the positive effects of handicrafts, but we are enthusiastically about the beauty and simplicity of this decorative art.

Dreamcatcher History

Dreamcatchers have a long history and tradition in Native American and First Nations culture. Dreamcatchers became widely popular “Native crafts items” during the 1980s as a protective charm for infants. They have widely marketed as a crafts item, jewelry piece, and image on home decor items.

The dreamcatcher is a protective talisman that is used to take care of the children and the people from nightmares and bad dreams. The talisman was traditionally hung on the back of a cradle or bed as protection. A dreamcatcher or dream catcher is a handmade willow hoop, onto which a “net-like” or “spider web charm” is woven with natural fibers. They typically have sacred items such as certain feathers, pearls and beads hanging from the hoop as well.

While modern dreamcatchers- “Native crafts item” – come in various types and made from various materials in different styles. Many of dreamcatcher bear little resemblance to traditional styles and different materials somewhat became fashionable trend like the dream catcher macramé. They are often quite big, colorful, and are made with plastics and other artificial materials. The authentic ones are usually quite small only a few centimeters tall, handmade from all-natural materials; wood, leather, string and real feathers with a leather-wrapped frame.  

Dream catcher legend

According to Native American legends; good and bad dreams fill the air at night. Native American cultures believed that dreamcatchers protect yourself from painful dreams by only allowing for the good dreams or visions to pass through and remain in the room through a like spider’s web. The Dreamcatcher filters the air by trapping the evil and terrible dreams within the weaving web. The Dreamcatcher allows the good ones to pass through before the first rays of sun come out in the morning. With the first sun rays, the bad dreams get destroyed and crumble. The good dreams are filtered through the feathers changing the energy anywhere they are reaching the sleeping person below. The legends surrounding the use of dreamcatchers have inspired other cultures to create their own function in different ways.

What is the meaning behind Macramé dream catchers?

Dreamcatchers began to spread among people all around. The world has different meaning or even without any specific meaning and purpose regard dreamcatchers it is different for different.  For some people Macramé dream catcher is considered as a beautiful gift, souvenir, piece of jewelry, home accessory piece to place in a bedroom, beside being an interesting object. These pseudo-Indian designs became perfect sweet macramé piece for someone who loves them just as much as they loved dreamcatchers.  It is difficult to deny their beauty and charming look filling the room with tenderness and tranquility. Although some people believe in the action macramé dream catcher, but we are presenting a beautiful home decor; the appearance of which already in itself has a relaxed vibe.

We’ve encountered so many beautiful design feature popular dreamcatcher creations all over the world. So, we put together a thoughtful collection to share our favorite and most unique renditions of them that will really help you out to make your own. For those of you looking for macramé dream catcher designs, ideas and tutorial, this article will show you stimulated macramé dream catcher ideas  (via archzine, kallibry ) we thus have a lot to offer.


Simple dream catcher

Large Round Clock Dreamcatcher Decoration

Macrame wall decoration DIY

Dreamcatcher with lace

Catcher with feathers and thread

Wire dreamcatcher

Leather catcher

Branch dream catcher

Moon shaped dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher with beads

Dreamcatcher with flowers


Macrame Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher 

Macrame Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher 


Half Moon Macrame Dreamcatcher


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