Jungle Island Zoological Park Miami, Florida

Welcome to the most kid friendly city on your next family holiday!
Miami is that wonderful family friendly city that is full of adventures and fascinating places for kids and adults. Parrot Jungle Island is an interactive zoological park, a perfect way to have fun with your children. This intimate zoological park is located in Watson Island, in the heart of Miami, Florida, United States. Parrot Jungle was one of the first families attractions founded in the Miami area, opened as Parrot Jungle. Parrot Jungle was for locals who want to learn and those who enjoy the magnificent birds and indigenous plants. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Family Fun – Sandy Lake Amusement Park and Things to do with kids – Fun Spot Action Park Orlando, FL. to help get you started planning your next family holiday.

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It is a zoological park which you will see the world’s rarest and wildest animals from around the globe, lethal bird, deadly snakes and many strange things in an entertaining show. This park was opened on 20/12/1936 on lush hammock land dotted with coral rock, but not for public and many modifications the park been through until it reach like this now days. The destination moved from its original suburban Pinecrest to a new bay-front location on Watson Island just east of Downtown Miami in 2003. This location has a view out over Biscayne Bay to South Beach. The entrance is from the original location where Pinecrest Gardens takes place now. Jungle Island has different shows and things that will capture your children’s heart and teach them new things. You will enjoy knowing about some different birds such as Andean condor, cassowary and king vulture in the Parrot Bowl, Jungle Island’s “Winged Wonders” show. Also “Tale of the Tiger” show is present in the Jungle Theater. Enjoy the natural environment in “Everglades Habitat” parks. From Africa direct to you in the Jungle Island, a wide animals in the “Serpentarium”. You will find amazing presentations, penguins to alligator snapping turtles and boa constrictor snakes to lemurs. It is the only entirely sustainable theme parks or zoos as it has organic plants without any artificial. Jungle Island will be exciting for your children as they will enjoy the most beautiful, playful, and the educational presentations of the dangerous birds from all over the world. Having fun and enjoy some laughs with them in this exciting Jungle Island park – a wonderful destination for families. Share your experience with us and ask your children to tell you about the new information that they get through this day out. Find a property near Jungle Island …booking.com/

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