Family Fun – Sandy Lake Amusement Park

Hey parents! A perfect surprise for your kids will be if you take them to Sandy lake Amusement Park. Fun, swimming, Thrill and happiness are in one day out family or a family holiday. The park opens from March to September at 10am and close at 6pm. Remember that children cost includes playing but adults are not like this. Kids under three are free from charge. Also for school events there is a variety of group packages. Your students will be so thankful and grateful to you. Don’t forget if you will decide this and your group is 15 or more you should reserve picnic spots. This park is full of adventure, rides and candy shops. It locates in 1800 Sandy Lake Road Carrollton. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Things to do with kids – Fun Spot Action Park Orlando, FL. and Martin’s Fantasy Island – Amusement Park, in Grand Island, NY to help get you started planning your next family holiday.


From kids to teenagers to adults, all will find possible rides and things to do in Sandy Lake Amusement Park. You can transport through the rides and in the whole park with the funny train that your children will love it the most. Twenty different rides that you may choose from to enjoy your day and feel pleasure. Especial for small kids, there are a host of rides for them to have fun like any other one. Kiddie Boat Ride and the happy dragon are here for them. Space Shuttle ride is here for bravery people as you will head off into orbit. You can share fun with one another by riding the paratrooper ride. Rock O Plane is also amazing and so excited. You can enjoy some time with your family on the lake by taking Paddle Boats. Go round and round with the galloping horses that your children will feel charming fun, happy and entertained. There are lots of family rides that will capture your entire family member’s hearts. Mini golf is also available. All these are about the rides in the park and now let’s go to the food, drinks and candies side. Sandy lake Amusement Park offers stands which you can buy cotton candy, popcorn, pizza and other staff. You have the opportunity to bring your own lunch with you as there are plenty of picnic spots. Take notes about height restrictions for rides for your children and your safety. Enjoy Sandy lake Amusement Park experience and have amazing memories with your children. Hope this knowledge about the park will be enough for you and encourage you to go there.















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