Things to do with kids – Fun Spot Action Park Orlando, FL.

To everyone in your family from the teeny tots to the tallest teens to the parents, a great idea for your family is my surprise to you. What about a fantastic day out or a weekend in Fun Spot Action Park, Orlando. It is a wonderful park full of funny things for kids, playgrounds, tours and even places for birthday parties. It is a perfect idea for getting away in a family holiday. Every member in your family will find its favor. For the last five years, it called “Best Budget Attraction” and it is a tittle in safety, cleanness and fun. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Things to do with kids in San Francisco-Top Spots and Martin’s Fantasy Island – Amusement Park, in Grand Island, NY to help get you started planning your next family holiday.


Fun Spot Action Park constructed in 5551 Del Verde Way, Orlando. It takes place in the North International Drive near universal Studios. It opens all year round from 10 am to 10 pm. It is not only for families also it is for school trips. As it has four educational programs that are done in a scavenger hunt style. But you must reserve for this before going for doing the preparations. I wonder that you get so excitement to know more about the park’s rides. First for those thrill lovers, Paratrooper and Screamer are available to touch their favors. Bumper Cars and Bumper Boats are so excitement in this park. Second for your young children, there is a separate area with 7 safe rides possible for them. Two arcades contain 120 arcade games to play and have fun. Also there are four go-kart tracks, 13 rides and Midway in Kissimmee near Disney World in the 11 acre park that will capture your heart. Osceola Square Mall contains Fun Spot Jr – 9 Inflatable Play places and 60 arcade games. It will be just an amazing family day out. Don’t bother yourself by the issue of being hungry here inside the park, you will find homemade pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and French Fries. For dessert that your children will love it so much, there are cotton candy, ice cream, pretzels and more. You can go with your car as there is a free parking. More services, rides and fun can be explored when you go there. It will be amazing experience with your kids and a memory that will never forget. Take your camera with you to capture many photos to show your friends when you return back and if you agree to be ours too share it with us.












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