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There’s always something unique about traveling with kids. To travel with your children is always an enjoyable holiday, you wonder if you had any other “must see/do” …You must have a plan to make them happy. So to hell you stop worrying about how the family holiday will be in San Francisco we had made several things to do with kids’ options to choose from so you can spend less time looking and more time enjoying. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Things to do with kids in Madrid- Spain Holiday and Walt Disney World Family Holiday and Vacation, Orlando to help get you started planning your next family holiday.

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Golden Gate Park; is more than 200 years old oasis for outdoor entertainment day with kids…a one full day is barely enough to explore a Park bigger than Central Park in New York. Golden Gate Park is 1,017 acres where you’ll discover; picnic groves, free-to-the-public meadows, lakes, rose gardens, an arboretum, a rhododendron dell, trails, a children’s playground, a buffalo paddock , monuments and the tallest artificial waterfall in the West, plus an array of cultural venues, events, and activities such as;
Music Concourse Area; a landscaped basin between the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum where numerous music performances are held during the fall, spring, and summer seasons.

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De Young Museum; was opened in January 1921, San Francisco’s oldest museum, there you’ll find a public sculpture garden and children’s garden. De Young Museum houses a collection of American paintings, and decorative arts from the 17th century, where all the American history is included.

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Japanese Tea Garden; is the oldest in the United States, created in 1894. Japanese Tea Garden is where you can enjoy seeing the traditional Japanese flower and plant art of the garden.conservatory_of_flowers_lowlands1 conservatory-of-flowers1 sf_conservatory_of_flowers1


Conservatory of Flowers; the oldest building in Golden Gate Park. If you and your children love flowers and plants sure you’ll enjoy the Conservatory of Flowers as it houses some 1,700 species.califacadamyofsci-12 califacadamyofsci-32


California Academy of Sciences; is a natural 4-story history museum located in the heart of Pier 39 in Golden Gate Park. The kids will love it; is a popular option for those visiting San Francisco with kids. It is one of the largest museums of natural history in the world began in 1853 as a learned society. Children can be educated more about the plants and animals, explore and sustain life on Earth.


Sea Lions at Pier 39;
This is one of the places a must on your list when traveling with the kids of all ages looking for fun. Pier 39 is the world famous home for sea lions. Pier 39 accommodates as many as 1300 sea lions between January and July.



The Exploratorium at Pier 15; is a museum in its new location at Golden Gate Park along the waterfront have opened since the mid-20th century. It has been described as the most important science museum and a playground for educational ideas. There; children can explore intriguing exhibits, hundreds of interactive exhibits in the areas of science, art and human perception.

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Angel Island “Ellis Island of the West” at Pier 41;
Angel Island is the largest natural island in the bay for a day of fun and one of the finest historical sites. Angel Island is an all-day experience, totally kid friendly where they can have bike rentals, miles of hiking trails, lovely beaches, and tram tours.san_francisco_zoo_and_gardens_-11 san_francisco_zoo_and_gardens_-21


The San Francisco Zoo and Gardens; the perfect activity for kids located in Northern California just steps from the Pacific Ocean. It is considered to be the largest zoological park. Here you can see more than 225 species of animals in naturalistic settings such as; Sumatran tigers, penguin’s Island, gorilla World, African Savanna, Prairie Dogs and much more few rare animals.



The San Francisco Giants;
If this sport is something that would excite your kids, then it is a must. Watching the ball and trying to get player autographs would be an amazing idea. Get your seats close to the field or right behind the bleachers where all the fun kids’ stuff is near… and enjoy the lay.

san-francisco-giants2 san-francisco-giants3


The Cable Cars ;
It is to entertain the children, Cable Cars are wonderful fun. It’s one of the city’s iconic cable cars to have fun Hopping on the Powell-Hyde Line for a ride around the city up and down the city’s steep hills along with the ringing bells along with some of the best views.

san-francisco-giants4 southeast-asia-sf-museum1


The Asian Art Museum;
The museum houses thousands of artifacts. Children will be able to explore Asian history and cultures created over the span of 6,000 years as there is special Target Sunday’s family programming presented in films and performances related to the cultural background of the artworks on view.


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