Traveling to an island of mystery there is so little you have seen about it. Because of this Hawaii vacations is something that is planned with a lot of excitement and expectation.
It is situated in the central Pacific Ocean, it is the ultimate holiday destination for many people around the world, it is filled with natural beauty mountains and beaches and it is the beautiful islands of Aloha. The Hawaiian Islands are the projecting tops of the biggest mountain range in the world.
Kanaka Maoli’s are the native people living in Hawaiian Islands The traditional Hawaiian language is named as Olelo Hawaii.
Traveling to an island was taken over by the Europeans in 1778. In 1959 United States has forcefully taken over Hawaii as their 50th state and till now it remains as one. But recently the US government has decided to give all its glory and the respect to the native people of Hawaii and the original owners of it

Traveling to an island is well known for its greenery surrounded with amazing beaches. Part of a group of 137 volcanic and coral islands in the central Pacific Ocean, there are 8 bigger Hawaiian islands, 6 largely popular. Hawaiian Islands are the projecting tops of the biggest mountain range in the world.

Discover why the six Islands are home to treasures unlike any other on earth:

1–The Island of Kauai:

Kaua is the oldest island which gives an insight to the ancient history of Hawaii. and has the most sandy beaches due to the erosive effect of the surf on the island’s coast, you can enjoy traveling to.

The dramatic cliffs of the Napali Coast,
Ke’e Beach , were The water is shallow and perfect for families with young children.
Poipu Beach Park This was once the most popular beach on the island of Kauai, and has won several awards in the “Best Beaches of the World” lists. Unfortunately, after a heavy storm several years ago, a lot of the sand got washed out. Nevertheless, it is still popular.
Polihale Beach a popular destination for kayakers.

2-The Island of Oahu:
Oahu is one major island in Hawaii which has many landmarks and history regarding kings. Beaches to enjoy as :

The vibrant shores of Waikiki Beach (Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii) Waikiki Beach is the most famous beach traveling to on the planet. Located on the heart of Waikiki downtown. It is accessible from most of Waikiki hotels. You will find mass of people laying on the beach for tan skin.

Hanauma Bay:

This beach is renowned for its snorkeling due to the fact that it is a wildlife preserve. To protect the fish, there is a limit to the number of tourists allowed to visit the park.

3-The Island of Molokai:
Papohaku Beach.knowen with miles of white sandsand is famous for its Hawaiian dancing,This beach has everything, from snorkeling to swimming to surfing to boogieboarding and, of course, sunbathing! Its very secluded and quiet. A perfect romantic getaway.

4-The Island of Maui :
Haleakala and Kaanapali Beaches are extremely popular. Because of the nearby resorts also very popular for its water sports
Kapalua Beach: This beach is great for families with young children. A reef keeps the water calm.

There you can enjoy The dolphin friendly waters of Hulopoe Bay.

5-The Island of Lanai:
Lanai is very small and doesn’t receive the number of tourists and visitors that the other Hawaiian islands attract, meaning that those who choose to visit it often experience a beautifully secluded Hawaii,with very friendly group of people. many lovers prefer to arrange honeymoon and wedding on this beach.

6-The Big Island (Island of Hawaii):

The biggest and the youngest in the chain due to its active volcanoes, is still growing Due to its “newness,” the Big Island’s beaches are made up of grey or black sand.
The big island is famous with,the Atlantis Submarine Konathe, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden,Hawaii Volcanoes National Parkand the Hapuna Beach State Park:were There are beautiful coral reefs that attract snorkellers, and more than enough white sand to please the sunbathers that make this beach the most popular beach and traveling spot  on the Big Island.

Glass Beach:

This is a popular beach that attracts people who collect “sea glass,” pieces of glass that have been tumbled in the water until their frosted and very smooth. The Japanese use glass orbs as fishing buoys.
With all the variety in almost every island it is almost guaranteed that you will have the best holiday in Hawaii and the most relaxing one as well.

Hawaii has only two seasons: “summer” between May and October and “winter” between October and April.
The peak season of Hawaii is from mid-December to April. The weather is very good during the peak season and hotel prices and airfares are usually gone up.

Everyone should come here at least once in their lifetime and spend a week or two exploring the islands and the people.
Have fun and enjoy your trip to Hawaii!

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