Last Minute Holiday – Hoover Dam – America’s Newest Wonder

Hoover Dam is A Treasure of Arizona, Nevada & the World, one of the most popular excursions of Las Vegas (around half an hour from Las Vegas ). Located in Black Canyon, the border between the US states of Arizona border and Nevada, was known as Boulder Dam. Hoover Dam is an engineering and architectural marvel, a concrete arch-gravity dam and it changed the Southwest forever. Hoover Dam construction controlled the Colorado River floods to the Gulf of California, provided much of the water needed to the fertile agricultural areas of California and Arizona and was a hydroelectric energy source to satisfy the requirements in the Southwest. And the most of all, Hoover Dam curves against Lake Mead and is fortified against the massive rock walls of Black Canyon.

Construction of the dam began in 1931 and ended in 1935. Hoover Dam provides USA with the Lake Mead , a year round activities opportunities was recreated such as swimming, hiking, fishing, boating, camping and sightseeing. It was constructed during the Great Depression period between 1931 and 1936 dedicated by President Franklin Roosevelt. Hoover Dam was Named in the honor of President Herbert Hoover who had been one of the original proponents of the project.Hoover Dam is a major tourist destination in the west; it was, for several years, the largest dam in the world. All tours start at offer Visitor Center, there history and dam presentations is made and exhibits on how the dam was constructed, today’s operations, the dam’s history and its role in agriculture, electrical power and guided tours will help you to explore the dam’s lesser-known areas. For tour times and ticket information, see official website.