The abundance of natural materials available for crafting is remarkable – from twigs, leaves, and flowers to pieces of bark, chestnuts, acorns, stones, and plant seeds, the list is endless. Crafting with natural materials is a year-round activity, but autumn is often considered the most fertile season for creativity, thanks to the vibrant colors and bountiful gifts of the season. As leaves turn yellow and red, chestnuts and acorns appear, it’s impossible not to be inspired to create something beautiful. However, other seasons also offer their own unique materials and inspirations.

In winter, snow and ice can be used for crafting, and bird feeders can be made from seeds and grains. Spring provides twigs, buds, and flowers, and summer is a time for shells, painted pebbles, and the secrets of flowers and leaves. Our website offers many exciting craft ideas that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.



While taking a walk with your child on a fall day, you can collect a gorgeous bunch of vibrant leaves. This bouquet can be utilized for various activities with your child, such as making a delightful hedgehog craft where the leaves serve as spines. Even if the leaves eventually dry out, it won’t detract from the charm of the artwork since the hedgehog’s spines can protrude in different directions.


When it comes to making a comfortable home for a mouse, using only leaves won’t suffice – adding some oatmeal to the mix can be quite helpful. As kids work on “warming the mink”, you could take the opportunity to teach them about how rodents prepare themselves for the winter. By involving children in an enjoyable activity like this, they can actively learn and absorb fascinating and practical information.


Using a peephole to create a fun activity with leaves is a great idea. Along with that, it’s important to help children develop their fine motor skills and attention to detail. One way to accomplish this is by having them study and draw half of a leaf’s image. Children can gather different kinds of leaves, carefully observe them, and then try to recreate the missing half through drawing. This activity is not only educational but also enjoyable for kids.

Draw the Missing Half

Beautiful dried flowers

To expand children’s crafting options beyond autumn leaves, they can also incorporate beautiful dried flowers. Encourage them to collect and dry lovely spikes and small flowers, then use them to decorate a handmade postcard. This activity can help children appreciate the beauty of nature while unleashing their creativity.


Make your own Stickman

If you are familiar with the fairy tale “Stick Man” by J. Donaldson, you may want to create the main character of this charming story. To make your own Stick Man, you’ll need branches and a detailed tutorial. Kids will enjoy playing with their own Stick Man and reciting his famous lines: “No! I’m not a stick! Let me in! Stop! I am Stick Man! Smart, alive!”


Another fun craft that both younger and older children will enjoy is creating a stork nest using dry twigs and small sticks. This activity encourages creativity and can be a great way to spend quality time together.

Crafts from beans and cereals

tortoise shell

Crafting and embellishing various items using natural materials such as beans, peas, seeds, and cereals can be a great way to create and adorn various crafts. One such application of these materials in decorating is in decorating a tortoise shell. Looking for a challenging and engaging activity that will keep your older kids entertained for hours? Look no further on homemade colored paper and turtle decorating! Once their paper is ready, cut out intricate turtle details and decorate them with a wide variety of materials, from glitter and sequins to paint and markers. The possibilities are endless!


Not only will this activity keep your kids occupied for a long time, but it will also help them develop their creativity, dexterity, and artistic skills.















When taking a trip to the forest, consider collecting some moss along with cones and twigs as it can be a beautiful and versatile material for crafts and decorations. Moss can especially come in handy if you plan on building a fantastic hut on chicken legs.

In addition to moss, cones, chestnuts, and acorns are great natural materials for children’s crafts. These items can be transformed into animals, people, garlands, decorations, baskets, and other wonderful creations.

When walking with your child outdoors, whether it’s in a park, by a river, or at the beach, take the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and encourage your child’s imagination. Use natural materials to create patterns, draw, and let your child’s creativity flourish.

Don’t miss out on the chance to share the magic of the world around us with your children. Explore new ideas and engage in fun and creative activities together.


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