20 Inspirations to decorate the fireplace in the summer!

A selection of creative summer mantel suggestions and cutting-edge concepts decor that will help you make the most of it.

The summer holiday is a break after a long hard work, thus it is the ideal time to have fun and let your imagination run wild and freshen up your home or outdoor space with some enjoyable DIY decorations. Here are a few summertime decorating made easy and effortless suggestions to help you get started.

A selection of creative summer mantel suggestions and cutting-edge concepts decor that will help you make the most of it.

What images do you get in your head when you consider a fireplace? Comfortable settings, a roaring fire, a chair covered in a soft blanket, and a good book… True, the fireplace is a piece of furniture that we are taught to identify with the winter, but today we want to give you some suggestions for how to enrich and decorate it even in the summer!

Transforming a lackluster and unadorned fireplace into the centerpiece of your home, even during the summer, is entirely feasible. The key lies in your preferred decor style and the ambiance you aim to create, and the options are virtually limitless. If you don’t have a fireplace in your house, don’t worry; decorative frames are available that can simulate the appearance of a genuine fireplace and be decorated to your liking, not just in winter.

Here are some suggestions and ideas to spruce up your fireplace this summer and add to its allure!

Simple Mantel Decorating Ideas

If you’re fortunate enough to own a mantel with unique features, it’s best to showcase it by limiting the number of accessories. Opt for a straightforward mirror and a few carefully positioned items to fill the wall area. Decorative elements such as glass vases and hurricane candle holders should blend into the backdrop to highlight the mantel’s prominence.

Use vases and figurines

The overall appearance can be substantially improved by adding some volumetric ornamental items like vases or figurines. Using many pieces from a collection or even reusing the same one can give the composition a professional look and feel.

Flowers and garlands: the shabby chic summer fireplace

This is a fantastic and incredibly easy idea to make to decorate your fireplace over the summer if you love the shabby chic look. A vibrant flower garland will breathe new life into your living space, and miniature lanterns, beautiful candles, and jars will quickly dress up the mantel.

Overlapping Mantel Decor

To make your mantel a focal point, consider overlapping artworks of varying heights and widths. For instance, a colorful map can serve as a cohesive backdrop while a framed print and painting overlap each other. Additionally, you can repeat the colors used in the mantel decor by arranging books in the built-in shelves according to their color. This will create a harmonious and visually appealing display.

Contrasting Mantel Colors

Transform your regular fireplace into a striking centerpiece by painting the wall above the mantel in a contrasting color to the main wall in the room. To achieve a cohesive look, choose a hue that complements another element within the space. For example, you can match the mantel area’s blue color with the stone on the fireplace surround.

Fill in niches and shelves.

You may always employ any shelves or niches that might be present on either side of the fireplace if you decide that the fireplace and the area above it aren’t motivating enough for your decorating ideas. They may make wonderful displays for goods like books, sculptures, pictures, candles, tableware, and other unique decor.

A classic fireplace in summer exudes timeless charm.

If you adore the traditional look, concentrate on the decorative accents to make the fireplace the center of attention in the living room year-round. Huge metal lights, a decorative plant to put inside the frame, classy mementos, and that’s all there is to it!

Quick Mantel Makeover

To give your fireplace mantel a quick makeover, utilize items you already possess to swap out the mantel decor promptly. Objects such as potted indoor plants, vibrant vases, and classic collectibles can transform a simple mantel into a remarkable one. Make sure to create a harmonious display by varying the size and proportion of the objects.

Painted Mantel Ideas

The use of paintings in the fireplace area was a popular architectural strategy. It could be a single enormous artwork or a number of smaller ones. These may be simply placed on the portal or hanging. Ensure that the decor complements one another and does not obstruct the image itself at the same time. Also, you can utilize framed copies of loved ones’ artwork and photos, or you can just gather empty frames and use them to spruce up the space around the fireplace.

Enhance the fireplace with lush flora: Adorning it with plants during summertime.

Having plants inside the house can infuse liveliness and rejuvenation into the surroundings regardless of the season. If you possess a penchant for gardening, you may adorn your fireplace with an array of potted seedlings, thereby turning it into a miniature indoor greenhouse during the summer months. Opt for jars of diverse shapes and sizes, similar to those in the accompanying photo, and thoughtfully organize the plants to establish a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. Furthermore, a wooden trunk can never be absent from fireplace decoration. In this instance, it can serve as an innovative base to accommodate the jars!

DIY Fireplace Mantel

If you have a fireplace without a mantel, you can easily create one using supplies from a home improvement store. First, select a wood beam that matches the width of your fireplace surround. If you prefer a rustic appearance, stain the wood to create a distressed finish. Next, use a masonry drill bit and lag bolts to mount the mantel securely above the fireplace. With these simple steps, you can add an attractive and functional mantel to your fireplace.

Implement mirrors and reflective surfaces.

Reflective elements can improve the interior decor, particularly around the fireplace. The wall behind the fireplace can be covered with reflecting panels of various sizes. A framed mirror can also be hung over the fireplace portal as an alternative. Evaluate the interior design while selecting a mirror, whether it has a patinated, classic, or modern design, with a 3D effect and three-dimensional features. In the end, it depends on your unique preferences.

Off-Balance Mantel Decorating Ideas

An off-kilter placement of items on a mantel can create a playful and carefree vibe, while also serving as a clever design tactic. Placing artwork on the left side of the mantel draws the viewer’s gaze towards the vibrant sofa pillows situated on the same side of the fireplace. By keeping the accessories on the opposite side minimal, the focal point remains on the striking artwork displayed on the mantel.

Lively freshness: the fake fireplace with colored wood

Speaking of wood, here is a good suggestion for using it as a decorative element for your fireplace in the summer: take a few tiny logs, color the ends, and arrange the wood inside the fireplace (or the fireplace frame) to make a chromatic composition fresh and colorful. Play with color when choosing the decorations to put on the shelf to finish the job, and your fireplace will unmistakably seem gorgeous!

A modern-style summer fireplace decoration

Looking to infuse your love for modern furniture into your home decor this summer? Here’s a brilliant inspiration to spruce up your fireplace and transform it into an integral part of your abode effortlessly.

Simply stack up your magazines, sorted by color, within the fireplace’s mouth or decorative frame. Next, complement the setup with a sleek designer chair and a vase of fresh flowers to achieve a minimalist, contemporary-inspired ambiance. As depicted in the accompanying image, remember that “less is more,” so stick to a few elements, particularly those made of unique materials like copper, to create a truly stunning effect!

Coordinated Mantel Accessories

To create a cohesive look in a neutral living room, consider incorporating accessories that feature colors already present in the space. For instance, you can use blue and yellow vases to pick up hues from the sofa, while a brown wood mirror frame can repeat the finish of the floor, furniture, and shelves. By doing so, you’ll achieve a mantel arrangement that blends seamlessly with the overall decor and doesn’t detract from the charming dentil molding on the mantel.

Candles and vibrant accents: a faux fireplace with a bohemian aesthetic

Do you love incorporating ethnic touches into fashion combinations? In the summer, your home needs a faux fireplace in a bohemian design. Your fireplace will look amazing with unlit candles (ideally of various sizes), plants, boho decorations, or other decorative items.

The coastal-style decoration of the fireplace frame captures the charm of the sea.

Decorating a fireplace frame with a coastal theme during summer is an effortless task, with its fresh aquatic colors and marine details. Take inspiration from this photo, featuring starfish, white stones, shells, colored and transparent bottles, where nothing is amiss. If you’re looking to furnish your seaside home, this embellishment will add great style. Alternatively, you can also take cues from this decor to spruce up your city home’s fireplace during the summer season.

Layered Mantel Decor

Skip the fancy artwork and let fun frames shine with this mantel decorating idea for every day. Simply layer several empty frames of various sizes and finishes on your mantel shelf. Complete the look with a few accessories—even a vintage croquet mallet will do—and finish with a flourish of flowers or greenery.

The decor element that exudes both eclecticism and glamour is the faux fireplace adorned with books!

We end this  fireplace decoration ideas for the summer with a truly lovely and unique concept: a fireplace turned bookcase! Adding internal shelves to the fireplace (or fireplace frame) and building a tiny library are two ways to reinterpret this home décor trend. Another option is to just stack your books on top of one another. Interesting and unique, don’t you think?

The most crucial design rule for a fireplace is to never lose sight of the composition’s focal point. Don’t try to obscure the fireplace with other ornate items because of this. Just properly accentuate its appeal with appropriate décor.


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