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Favorite Easter Mason Jar Ideas

Favorite Easter Mason Jar Ideas

Favorite Easter Mason Jar Ideas…Easter is just around the corner, hopping its way to us very soon. In celebration of the upcoming holiday, I’ve found some wonderful ways that you can roundup lovely ideas making mason jars into your Easter decorating.

Mason jars can be used for everything; vases, candle holders, Easter baskets, gifts for kids, family, neighbors and friends and If you love Mason Jars, then you’re going to love these super cute inspirations for creating Easter Mason Jars decorating.



Many of these DIY Easter Mason Jar craft ideas involve candy, cookies and cupcakes which loved by kids. They’re great adding’s as Easter baskets for giving as lovely gifts for kids or family members. They are even pretty enough to act a piece of Easter decor or as a centerpiece for your Easter dinner table and then re-use the jar for storing their special things in. Literally mason jars can be used for anything and for many occasions all year round…They’re so very versatile. Take a peek at the list, there is surely something you will want to make. Please visit each linked source for the complete details to find out how to make your own Easter Mason Jar.



HOP Mason Jars;

HOP Mason Jars are lovely Easter flowers displays … They’re adorable. These Easter bunny HOP mason jars are perfect display for Easter décor.  Beside being a part of your Easter décor you can fill them with candy, flowers  or votive candles.


Easter Carrot Mason Jar;

Easter carrot Mason jar is made with simple supplies found in the house. This fun carrot idea is a spring project that will look great on your Easter table as an Easter display. Easter carrot Mason jar when filled with candy or Easter sweets to send your guests home with.



Easter Mason Jar Chicks;

Very easy to do. Just paint the jars with any colorful paint using spray paint or Krylon, both are DEFINITELY easy to use. Add sweet little faces and fill this adorable mason jar chick with child’s favorite Easter treats.



Mason Jar Easter Chick;

This is an easy DIY Easter craft that you don’t need a ton of craft materials. I believe it is the simplest Easter craft you can do with your kids. This little creativity is to make a sweet little sweet Spring & Easter gifts for those who you love.



Speckled Egg Painted Mason Jars;

These candy jars are to celebrate Spring as it is fast approaching for nests, birds, and eggs. If you love the look of speckled eggs, this craft is a unique as an Easter project for you to do. You can either paint the lid jar cover or the body itself. Adding a monogram to each jar would be so cute. These painted Mason Jars set matches the pretty color speckled Egg that may be in blue or brown speckles… such a beautiful Spring color.


Bunny Jar Toppers;

Whatever you put inside those mason jars For Easter, you can create a decorative topper for those plain and topless jars. There are so many colorful mason jars available but sadly they don’t have adorable jar toppers. The toppers can be made from plastic decorations, yarn, mini toy bunny, cute bunny made of fabric, felt or whatever comes on your mind can be used. Just glue your decorative Easter toppers to the lid of your jar or the slip right over the opening and paint the jar lid in a nice pastel color. Use these for keeping your Easter candy fresh or for gift giving.

Chocolate Bunny in a Jar

Chocolate Bunny in a Jar;

Easter is the best occasion to give chocolate as gifts. Chocolate bunny jars are cute treats and a funny way to celebrate Easter with chocolate lovers. Chocolate bunny jars are far different than the traditional Easter basket. This DIY craft idea can be customized with any chocolate and candies you find as well. Place the Easter chocolate bunny in the jar, and make a nest using a candy strip to rest on. Place colored eggs inside.

Easter Bunny and Fringe Jarsource

Easter Bunny and Fringe Jar;

This is another simple, yet elegant Easter gift basket, an Easter Bunny and some fun trim mason jar creation. Again, the Pastel colors and a personable Mason Jar Easter Basket creation allows you to be unique and add your charm to the holiday spirit. Involve kids in filling the inside of each jar and helping in attaching the bunny ears, the colorful fringe trims and paper cut-outs to the lid with glue.

Easter Mini Cakes in a Jarsource

Easter Mini Cakes in a Jar;

Traditional cupcakes for Easter are so cute but a cupcake in a Jar are an exception and unique by itself. They are so adorable these little cupcakes which are made in smaller mason jars. The trick is to bake your cupcakes in the jelly sized mason jars or make them from the left-over cake. By placing them in jars keeps them misted much longer than with the liners. These Easter Bunny Cake in a Jar would make the perfect Easter dinner dessert cupcakes to add to your Easter menu or a dessert for any occasion. that looks totally adorable. Put a mini chocolate bunny on the lid of the jar or use any sprinkles and decorations, and let your kids create their own.


Easter Bunny Ears Jar;

There is no one that doesn’t love a bunny jar idea as a basket gift for kids. This favorite Easter craft is so darling. Easter bunny ears jars project is SO simple to make and adorable to all kids too. Fill you mason jar Easter candy you want, and just add the bunny ears on the lid. These ears can be made out of paper, felt, fabric, in fact any material found in the house. Just cut the ears and glue onto the jar lid. Tie up a pretty pastel colored ribbon and you’re all set.


Easy Mason Jar Spring Centerpiece;

This is a brilliant DIY mason jar craft project to try this Easter and spring perhaps. A simple and gorgeous DIY craft to display flowers for the coming spring and any occasion and moreover it can be used as a good DIY gift idea. Have your mason jars dressed in paper doilies and twine to create a centerpiece vase. Add some bright and colorful flowers as daffodils or tulips in mason jars, whatever the size you have available. By this affordable you have an everyday centerpiece to enjoy the fresh spring fresh flowers and bring spring indoors.



DIY Bunny Munch Mason Jars;

These sweet little bunny munch jars are really cute and very simple project to make too. You can fill them with any yummy snacks like bunny munch (as the name is… white chocolate popcorn), or kettle corn and mini marshmallows. These bunny munch jars would be such a wonderful Easter basket gift for anyone that you need a little treat for to bring Easter cheers to. Put inside the jar bunny munch, jelly beans or whatever sweet treat you prefer. Then decorate your jars with a cute bunny printable on any glitter paper cut it out and glue this sweet DIY correspondent created bunny onto your jar. On the jar’s lid you can decorate it with a pastel colored ribbon, paper fringe or other decorations.



Polka Dot Mason Jar;

This sweet Polka dot mason jar craft painted with bright and colorful Polka Dots…in blue and white dots is for spring and Easter. In fact, this little polka dot mason jar can be used as a vase for Mother’s Day too – a giveaway to the moms and grandmas-. All you have to do is to remove the lid cover. It is a multi-functional craft that can be used again and again.

DIY Easter Bunny Candy Jarsource

DIY Easter Bunny Candy Jar;

This is another great Easter craft idea; a DIY Easter Bunny jar which is really easy to make. A mason jar painted white or any pastel color with an unpainted round circle near the bottom. This clear hole is see the candies inside. Add the bunny ears made out of felt and a bunny tail made of a huge cotton ball, a ball yarn or a pompom.

 Spring Mason-Jar-Fabric-Vasessource

Spring Mason Jar Vase;

Mason jars are widely used all the time in making vases. But when it comes to spring and Easter their shapes are decorated into a spring mood. DIY spring vases with flowers are popular Easter and spring decorations. They change the entire look of a mason jar. The DIY spring vases may be decorated with flowers or with plain colors. These DIY spring vases are with floral fabric or scrapbook paper and a bit of Mod Podge are the ones seen the image to create the designs. The spring flower Mason Jar Vase are perfect for Easter display on your breakfast table or giving as gifts.


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