50 Eco-friendly Holiday Decorations Made of Pine Cones

Pine cones are perfect natural material for handmade holiday’s decorations. They are simple to find as they are everywhere at this time of year. They are one of the most elegant natural motifs to decorate with giving a cute touch to any holiday décor. Their elegant brown colors and beautiful unique textures are so cozy giving a balance bright decorating when being paired with simple shimmers of glass balls, shiny baubles, mini lights, metal bells and the glow of candlelight.

Brawny sugar pinecone in addition to the seasonal flowers, green branches, candles, nuts or ornaments, pine cones make an elegant and impressive holiday decorations. Use your creativity and combine it with the comfortable brown color and beautiful shape of pinecones to decorate your home on the coming holidays in an eco-style with these simple elegance and natural chic elements. Pine cones have a double duty bringing holiday cheer to your household. Their abundance and beauty make them ideal for all fall and winter holiday decorating projects. Look for more inspiring ideas below.


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