EVA Foam Crafts for Creation Ideas

EVA Foam Crafts for Creation Ideas... Christmas won’t be Christmas without any decorations and presents whether ready-made presents or DIY crafts. In the world of crafts there are materials that are undoubtedly super affordable. Today we are going to take one which h is cheap, widely available and just as fun to work with. This is the EVA gum (EVA foam).

The Foamy Gum Eva is the art of working; a foam commonly called Foam, Foamy, EVA Foam or EVA Rubber (E thylene V inyl Acetate) (EVA) is a closed cell foam. Foamy is then a thermoplastic polymer can be shaped with heat, which makes it so flexible and easy to handle.

The definition of closed cell foam or open cell foam is related to its commercial building structure. Closed cell foam characterized with strength and other advantage which made it more popular for it usage in different applications. Closed cell foam is often used in floor and exercise mats, sports equipment, crafts, kickboards, life jackets, flip-flops, and more importantly props for Coplay, and as it is known in more than 30 countries.

EVA foam comes in very colorful sheets they can serve in many common interests of creative or professional crafts and are a great medium for quelling projects too! EVA foam advantages are many ; they are easy to cut and paste, can be glued to other pieces of EVA, combines with any accessory or materials of direct or superimposed application and /painted with any known type of paint, printed on, cut, die-cut, and glued… These foam bases are ready for you to decorate with. EVA foam comes in various thicknesses and densities. Its resistance makes it perfect for durable crafts that require flexibility for various inspirational ideas, in addition to its use in e-rubber crafts. They are also thicker and more long lasting than paper and cardboard. Their resistance to extreme weather changes and chemicals makes them quite widespread use indoors and outdoors as well. An excellent base for quelling cards, quelling photo frames, and quelling objects surfaces, due to its elastic and spongy texture. Their soft texture and bright colors, lightweight material, washable, Non-toxic makes them really attractive and safe for craft projects can be done with the help of children as well!


The color craft foam sheets are great to entertain your children while expressing their creativity. EVA rubber crafts and designs have many possibilities; they can be used by children to cut into many shapes. Kids can make decorations, decorations for birthdays unique and personal gifts for any occasion, Toys, funny Eva rubber dolls, animal characters, school supplies, poster lettering, greeting cards and craft project. Even for any celebration such like Christmas, simple craft can be made like; gifts, dolls like Santa Claus, Mama Noel, snowmen, Christmas brooches, the wise men, the birth or an angel.

EVA rubber crafts and designs are innumerable, lots of ideas to make crafts with Eva rubber for children, can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, in a gift box, a Christmas card. The key is simply to use the imagination, where your creativity dictates.


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Toys with Eva rubber


Gifts for any occasion



Crafts with Eva rubber for children;


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