Gorgeous Fireplace Mantel Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas fireplace decorating ideas have something in common … they 100% perfect. So, if you have a fireplace at home, you should decorate it to make a beautiful welcome to Santa.

Gorgeous Fireplace Mantel Christmas Decoration IdeasChristmas is a unique event that brings pleasure to the whole family gathering, family traditions and regardless of interests or preferences. Each person rushes home just to have precious time with his family celebrating, children are waiting for gifts, and wives doing the typical holiday things, of course, cook. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle during the holidays?

But be that as it may, Christmas, can be a surprising source of comfort. In order to celebrate Christmas, you first need to create a truly comfortable atmosphere, which will be a real problem for many. Nevertheless, creating a Christmas Eve and New Year‘s atmosphere at home is still not a difficult undertaking, and if you show at least a little interest and ingenuity, you can still have a celebration to remember that will definitely, become a fun event for the whole family.

One of the best parts about decorating hallways for the holidays is going to decorate your Christmas mantel. Whether you’re imagining it in perfect style when decking the indoors and making your outdoors more festive, here we are about trying something more colorful this year. And there is one best thing; Mantel Christmas Decoration ideas have something in common … they 100% perfect. So, if you have a fireplace at home, you should decorate it to make a beautiful welcome to Santa.

A mantelpiece is an important part of your interior; usually it is a star in living room decor like Christmas tree. From cheap DIY Christmas decorations you can elevate your home for the holidays on budget with creative traditional Christmas decor. When decorating your mental use, the basic Mantel Christmas Decorations like; flowers, photos of your family, fruit, wreaths, green Christmas tree branches, cones, bells, ornaments and candles or anything that matches your interior but arrange it in your way. For example, stockings are the most important part of the mantel decorations; it’s very traditional and adds coziness. It’s comfortable to make the same look of your home and the fireplace just as the last year but just add a Christmas centerpiece that changes the look completely.

These are some of the best Christmas fireplace decorating ideas – from how to choose a style to decorate a mantel for the holiday to how to choose  the perfect complement to create a beautiful Christmas decorations – will help you plunge into the holiday atmosphere in no time.

We’ve reached out to our favorite decor enthusiasts, some of the best fireplace decorating ideas and inspiration to add a ton of visual interest and warmth to your fireplace. Browse through a Gorgeous Fireplace Mantel Christmas Decoration Ideas for your home decor to bring a cozy and sweet atmosphere of celebration that everybody could remember forever. If these are not something you want to do during Christmas celebration, use your imagination and put some things that will represent you and your home.

Why on Christmas, people love to decorate the fireplace

Definitely, decorating a fireplace for Christmas has long become a personal and precious traditional legend of Santa Clause. Tradition is not the only reason, why we decorate the fireplace. A comfy look of a fireplace is really an extremely neat idea, and if it is existed in your home, you simply must decorate it to see for yourself that you are lucky to have it with great ideas to go after.

A fireplace for the Christmas is:

  1. A fireplace is a symbol of a comfort home and a central theme of any occasion (even without Christmas). But in the Christmas, it more becomes a kind of symbol.
  2. Fireplace, looks so festive in the Christmas ‘s interior.
  3. It is always fashionable to decorate and easily styling to decorate a fireplace for the Christmas!
  4. There are several traditions that vividly require such actions (for example, hanging socks, lush garland, nautical wreath, all your holiday trinkets or any other display that you prefer to improve the emotions from spending the Christmas and should in no way be ignored).

These are some reasons why, decorating a fireplace is just a great idea. After all, you still need to know how, what and which to start. With the basic rules you may follow regardless of the style chosen you’ll have a gorgeous fireplace mantel for Christmas. 

What you need to know about decorating your fireplace before starting

The same decorative style … First of all, this is an important rule; the fact that all decorative elements including the tree must fully correspond not only to the style that has been used for the rest of the room, but also to the fireplace itself. In addition, it is also essential that you do not overload it, this gives an incredible dose of elegance and style. And finally, the fireplace is not only a place that is decorated, it is itself a good element for a room décor item and should remain so.

Choosing a style of Christmas decorations

Unfortunately, not every style is suitable for any fireplace style you may have, and more often than not, only one or two options remain available.

If the fireplace is made in the modern appearance of minimalist style, then the style of decoration should also be in this style.

If there are some elements of art in it, then this is much better, since it can be supplemented with other elements and make a more complex décor. It will be possible to diversify the options for its design and create a “fairy tale” style by beautifully decorating the fireplace with all kinds of decorations.

 If the fireplace is installed in a farmhouse style and is made of stone, it is nothing better than teaming up with simple Christmas decorations. Forget about the large number of everything that is gold and glitter or oversize, garlands, etc. It is best to use natural colors, for example, green). Use the philosophy: ‘less is more’.

Of course, it is not necessary to light a fire in the fireplace during the holidays, but it looks much more comfortable. If you plan to make a fire in the fireplace, do not be negligent about safety, you must take the safety factor into account and place all the decorations so that there is no danger of fire!

The typical Christmas decorations

Undoubtedly, the most common in fireplace decorations for Christmas is to opt for the traditional Christmas decorations (festive Christmas evergreen garland, swag, reindeer, snowmen, stars, balls, stockings…), which can be on the fireplace mantel or hanging from it.

Natural Christmas touch

Typical Christmas plants, such as the poinsettia sets the scene in style for the festive season. Garland with red berries is the perfect solution for your Christmas style, it will add a festive and natural touch to your Christmas mantel.

Rustic Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

The mantle is adorned in style with fresh, aromatic greenery, burlap stockings, plaid wood trim and cozy red accents transforming the mantel into a Christmas wonderland that perfectly matches with the rest of the house’s ambiance.

Red Berry Branches

Go for red berry branches or garland, to add a little warmth and festive mood to the fireplace. These little red holly berries are just as eye-catching and festive. Create even more visual interest with the addition of red stockings and elegant white candles.

Bright Colorful Mantel

Take a cue from traditional Christmas into a cute and cheerful Christmas colors this year. Somehow, these  small bits of color go a long way giving the final look is still deliciously seasonal.


Add Sparkling winter Wonderland

White Christmas decoration combined with metallic silver accessories, transforms the fireplace into a sparkling winter wonderland and gives an overly shiny look.


Hang a Wreath on a Mirror

There’s something so magical about a seasonal wreath over your existing mirror with extra few accessories to spice up your Christmas mantel.

Blush Pink Christmas

For a softer approach to seasonal winter decor instead the traditional red, green and white Christmas accents for items in blush or pink. Blush Pink Christmas decor is flexible enough to add in the grey tones. This look from is almost entirely cool.


Decorate With Colored Embroidery Hoops

With  so many cool millennium crafts colored embroidery hoops for Christmas fireplace decor would be one of your favorites.


Include Your Favorite Christmas Quote

Write your favorite Christmas quote or song lyrics on a parchment paper scroll, wood, cardboard paper … and use it as a display hanged above this holiday mantel for an instant holiday vibe. Even you can add a lush garland, candles, and matching stockings .


Make a Mantel Shine as brightly as the ever

Add a bunch of strand lights and bright bulbs, make it shimmer and shine. Prove this Christmas that less doesn’t always mean more and sometimes it’s better to be redundant. So, use lots of light strands or very bright bulbs for an even bolder look.


Less is more

Sometimes less is more – simple Christmas fireplace mantel is easy and fast. Aside from hanging Christmas stockings form the mantel for your family, decorating with evergreen garland, reindeer and little trees, lanterns, or only simple Red & White Holiday Mantel which is done within seconds makes the mantel look magical.

Christmas Mantel Decor with Snowball

Christmas mantel decor with lights and snowball garlands will immediately create a festive mood and gives your mantel a quirky Christmas feel.

Christmas Mantel with Pine Cone

Christmas mantel decor is expected traditionally to be done with red and green colors , but with a twist of brown… pine cones. Christmas Mantel with Pine-Cone is an  inexpensive Christmas mantel decorating idea.




Don’t Have a Mantel To Hang

If you don’t have a traditional fireplace mantel to hang on your Christmas mantel decoration, create an alternative one.



Then we leave you with our gallery, where you can find a lot of images of decorated fireplaces. Do not miss it!


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