DIY advent calendars: the sweetest countdown to Christmas For Kids and Adults

Enter the Advent calendar, a much-loved Christmas tradition that marks the passing of each day in December as we approach the major holiday of gift-giving.

DIY Advent Calendar Ideas For Kids and AdultsEven though Halloween has passed, many people are eagerly organizing their Thanksgiving celebrations. Enter the Advent calendar, a much-loved Christmas tradition that marks the passing of each day in December as we approach the major holiday of gift-giving.

Christmas is just around the corner, The countdown will start shortly, and both at home and on the street, the Christmas spirit is already felt. From the decoration to the music and the planning of what we will do as a family, and many homes come the Advent Calendar for the arrival of Christmas!

The true meaning of this magical time intact, especially in those houses where there are small children. A great traditional and fun way to enjoy waiting is to give them an Advent calendar, which can be prepared as a surprise for them and/ or relatives.

Advent calendar is one of the better ways to include children in this beautiful tradition as a Christmas activity.  Advent calendar help makes their wait until Christmas more entertaining and special.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks forward to the advent calendars, putting the little gift in each bag. It is nice to recreate that magic and illusion of Christmas activities to do with the family and choose the gift that depends on yourself: a chocolate, a sweet, a figure for the nativity scene, some decoration…The possibilities are many, and everyone will like it …it’s never lacking!

Discover the image every day until the calendar was complete! For this reason, we share with many DIY advent calendars to make with children.

An endearing tradition that has come to stay

Advent calendars is A Foreign Tradition that became a must-have on holidays. It symbolizes the run-up to Christmas.  Starting on December 1st to 24 the Christmas Day, its 25-fold-out windows reveal a piece of chocolate, sweet or gift behind each number.

Its origin dates back to the 19th century in Germany, when the children of Protestant families lit a candle every day from Advent Sunday to count the days till Christmas Eve. In wealthy houses the little ones received a treat every day.

At the beginning of the 20th century calendars that we enjoy today started to be created. The first printed Advent calendars were published and little by little, small windows hid figures and chocolate bars had emerged later chocolates was replaced for small gifts. The advent calendar has become more successful all over the world.

The magic of DIY

If you are a lover of things made by hand and you like crafts , making an Advent calendar that reflects your tastes and lifestyle will be a very special project for children. Creating a calendar is more magical effect on the holiday atmosphere than buying one. You can make an advent calendar out of recycled materials or simple items you can find at home to personalize your own calendar and make it unique. There is a huge repertoire of great ideas to fill each day on the countdown calendar…Christmas sweets and treats, small toys, activity cards, or thoughtful notes is up to you.

Advent calendar filler ideas

Life and the world have changed radically since this curious tradition originated in 19th-century from religious devotional versions to things that interest children and adults today.

Advent calendar filler may feature Santa, winter wonderlands, and other contemporary Christmas themes. So, let’s put material things aside and highlight the intangible. In each package of the calendar …beyond the specific look and design of each calendar, there are variations depending on what surprises you can include behind the windows for each day.

Some common types of Advent calendars are:

Daily Devotions – The most traditional Advent calendars provide a kind of guided reflection on one’s religious values in the form of Bible verses, prayers, Jesus’ teachings and sermons, Christmas story or devotions to be read each day over the 4 weeks of Advent.

Sweet Treats – chocolates, candy, or other fun snacks – toys, puzzles, or games… for a fun twist on the daily “sweets” These are great options if you’re looking for a non-religious Advent calendar that can give you something to think about throughout the day. Even Pets are not forgotten. There are even Advent calendars for your furry friends during the holidays. Pet treats, e.g., dog biscuits, cat toys, and seeds and nuts so they can enjoy a treat or a new toy each day right along with you!

Count down the days until Christmas with an Advent calendar!

Here are some Homemade advent calendars. Regardless of your religious beliefs to carry on a years-long tradition, these festive fun calendars are packed with wonderful present to put you and family in the Christmas mood, while surprising everyone with an early Christmas gift for every taste.

Beautiful calendar made  to delight children

Made with toilet paper tubes

Simple envelope advent calendar

Add some Christmas lights to complete the effect!

Give it that special touch

Who else finds that bunny adorable?

Walnut advent calendar

Stray pairs of socks

A minimalist Christmas tree 

Calendar for many years ahead

Recycled Advent Calendars

Original DIY advent calendar

Calendar of activities



Wildlife-themed Advent calendars

The calendar…in a box


Improvise  advent calendar 






Advent calendar with different designs

advent calendar with mini toy suppresses A TRICOLOR CALENDAR

  A vintage advent calendar


Christmas town calendar AN ADVENT LADDER

A calendar on the stairs and in the vase


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