A land packed with Wonder Treasures – Egypt

Traveling to the  land packed with captivating treasures-Egypt, or the Arab Republic of Egypt one of popular tourist destinations, is located north-eastern part of Africa and southwestern Asia. From this area one of the world’s oldest civilizations grew. Cairo, the capital and largest city, is the most modern in the Middle East and Africa. Egypt is one of the most popular tourist traveling destinations in the entire world, as Egypt stands out as the birthplace of one of the earliest civilizations(history of Egypt covers some five thousand years).

Since it contains nearly third of the world’s destinations weather it was rare and fascinating religious sites (hieroglyphs, mummies and most spectacular of all, its large pyramids) or medieval heritage as well( it has many mosques, churches and monasteries thanks to Coptic Christianity and Islam).


Egypt is mainly made up of hot deserts Egypt receives little rainfall. Without the Nile River( the longest river in the world), the area would be entirely desert. About 95 % of Egypt’s population still live in the Nile valley (the area next to the Nile river). One of the reasons that Egyptians were able to develop an advanced civilization is because they were surrounded by deserts. This kept invaders out.


Traveling to Egypt’s Main Attractions:a-land-packed-with-wonder-treasures-egypt_1

The Pyramids of Giza (Egypt pyramids):

The Pyramids represent one of the greatest architectural feats by man. The last surviving member of the Seven Wonders of the World ( worth to be traveling to ). There are three main Pyramids there, the Great Pyramid is one of the world’s oldest tourist attractions, popular tourist destinations and the reason most people visit Egypt today. The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt were built as tombs for Kings (and Queens), Today there are more than 93 Pyramids in Egypt; the most famous ones are those at Giza where as all traveling tourism come to see.

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Luxor is a city located in Upper Egypt (airline traveling is available ), Luxor is known as the world’s largest open air museum. and was the ancient city of Thebes – the capital of Ancient Egypt and the great city of Amon Ra. Luxor and Karnak Temples are the tombs across the Nile in the Valley of Kings and Queens.

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Egyptian Museum in Cairo:

Has about 120,000 objects on display, and several hundred thousand are still in the vaults. The museum houses an incredible display depicting ancient Egypt’s glorious reign egyptian mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewelery and of course King Tutankhamen’s (king tut ) treasures. Abu Simbel: The two temples built for the pharaoh Ramesses II have been attracting traveling  visitors since Victorian times.

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Hurghada/Red Sea Coast:

The Red Sea coast is hugely popular with beach lovers and divers it is another major traveling tourist attraction in Egypt. Hurghada is located on the Red Sea coast, Hurghada and the Red Sea coast enjoy a very moderate weather throughout the year, making it an ideal place for sea sports. The main traveling tourist attraction in Hurghada is the marine life, with lots of coral and colorful fish, which is located very close to the shore: Hurghada has some of the finest coral in the world.(always check hotels availability, maps, photos and reviews, and booking before traveling). Hurghada also has many offshore islands, such as: • Sheduan Island • Gifton Island • Umm Gammae • Dishet El-Dhaba • Abu Ramada Island • Abu Minqar Island.a-land-packed-with-wonder-treasures-egypt_4a-land-packed-with-wonder-treasures-egypt_12 a-land-packed-with-wonder-treasures-egypt_22 a-land-packed-with-wonder-treasures-egypt_31 a-land-packed-with-wonder-treasures-egypt_52 nile-from-above-narrow-angle