Mistletoe Christmas Crafts and Romantic Winter Decorating Ideas

Mistletoes are charming holiday decorations that bring romance, beautifully accentuate homes, and outdoor living spaces while adding green details to winter decorating

Mistletoe Christmas Crafts and Romantic Winter Decorating Ideas…Mistletoe is mostly known as the plant and an indispensable item for Christmas decorations. Mistletoe is somewhat ironically the traditional symbol of holiday romance hung over doorways. Mistletoe is symbolizes as an invitation to kiss whoever walks beneath it. Mistletoe is a unique Christmas decoration you can use it throughout the year in other ways and easily make yourself.

Mistletoe Plants and leaves can turn easily be a the traditional green into a snazzy winter decoration to decorate your home. Mistletoes are served in several different ways. Mistletoes are charming holiday decorations used in interior décor to bring nature inside, romance and beautifully accentuate homes. Mistletoes decoration is also can be outdoor spaces to add greeny details to winter decorating. The leathery-leaved plants with white berries are so romantic holiday decorations fabulous indoors and out… in doorways, on walls, chandeliers, and windows.

Buy fresh mistletoe from a florist or find artificial vines at your go-to craft store. You can buy fresh mistletoe from a florist or artificial vines green branches to make the decorations with colorful ribbons.

Mistletoe Kissing Ball

Kissing under the mistletoe kissing ball is one of the lovely Christmas traditions. People around the world may kiss under the mistletoe, as it is a flirty and festive steeped in tradition that is essential for any Christmas Time celebration. This attractive quite striking; small, round and white or yellow candy-like berries – greenery plant grows in abundance, found in large clumps high atop hardwood trees, as a semi-parasitic plant, grows in other trees since it takes water and nutrients from its host such as oaks and elms. But they are sprinkled with highly poisonous berries and has a name that means “dung twig.” It’s a native of various parts of Europe and Asia. For generations, some family members and friends have risen early on December mornings may make a Christmastime activity to roam the woods in search of a Christmas tree to find the mistletoe balls in trees.

How To Retrieve Mistletoe;

Rather than shimmy up the tree to retrieve it, Hang the mistletoe somewhere in your home which have found the most effective means of collection. Greenery in hand, hanging mistletoe wreaths and garland in your home this Christmas. Or try making a mistletoe kissing ball to hang in your doorway. The tradition behind the kissing ball is referred to the ancient Greeks thousands of years. Ancient Greeks who were the first to believe in the power of mistletoe by celebrating the winter holiday of Kronia. It was believed that ancient Greeks may have started the tradition of kissing under it mistletoe and likely were among the first to decorate with it. With the Greek festival of saturnalia and later with wedding ceremonies ancient Greeks would kiss under the mistletoe in the believe that you will have a deep romance or a long-lasting friendship with your lip-locked partner. So, this is Why do we kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas?

Places to hang mistletoes

Mistletoe designs vary, so as places to hang mistletoes to spread the Christmas cheer of creative and romantic winter decorating. These beautiful and romantic mistletoes holiday decorations for a final touch to your winter decorating space. Hang these charming holiday decorations in one of these fun spots; above doors, in cars, on trees, porches, chandeliers, above beds, and sinks. Hanged Mistletoe enhance the magic feel of your winter holiday atmosphere. It is the perfect reminder to kiss hello or goodbye. No one won’t be will happily see mistletoe hanging above your door as they are welcoming and inviting. The small holiday decorations Mistletoe kissing ball design looks beautiful in cars also it will lift your mood in heavy traffics. Mistletoe designs above the bed with a goodnight kiss ensures sweet dreams. Mistletoe adds a pretty look to bedroom decorating to accentuate your winter decorating and mood.

Whether it was hanged above doors, holiday tables, window, Christmas trees, mistletoes make these holiday decorations creative with festive look and welcoming Christmas appeal. Mistletoes make the perfect holiday decorations if blended them with other holiday ornament decorations like stars, angels, bells, Christmas balls, hearts, fun decorations as it works with all winter decorating ideas to spread holiday cheer all around.

Mistletoe Artificial Christmas Garlandsource

Mistletoe Decoration


Mistletoe Christmas tree decorationsource

Green Felt Wreath with Mistletoe Accents


Mistletoe Kissing Ball


Christmas Mistletoe Cushion


Pine and Mistletoe Garlandsource

Mistletoe Christmas Wreath


Unique Ways to Decorate with Mistletoe;

Real or artificial mistletoe can also be used to create wreaths, centerpieces and garland to accent many Christmas decorations.

Decor for an elegant dinner

Christmas, holidays and special celebrations deserve good table decorations. With small details in consideration and special degree of elegance is what some occasions need. To achieve that special dinner that’s had all of your attention mistletoe can be useful in decorating a table for an elegant dinner. The right touch of greenery Mistletoe with its white berries, several white candles will add a somewhat nostalgic, peaceful and natural feeling, giving that scene of elegancy. Transform an ordinary meal into an elegant dinner by using mistletoe.

Using mistletoe in Christmas decor

Mistletoe is one of the plants is associated with the winter season regarded as a true symbolic Christmas plant in certain parts of the world. You can make variety of Christmas decorations with it. Mistletoe in Christmas decor is very common as round wreath with few sprigs of berries hanged on the front door. You can also use mistletoe as Christmas ornaments in decorating the Christmas tree. Adding mistletoe leaves to Christmas candles for a table centerpiece which add a bit of color to the atmosphere. Combining mistletoe to any typical Christmas items is a useful way to highlight any décor.

Autumn Style Decor With Mistletoe

The dark shades of mistletoe leaves combined with other natural elements like pine cones, pine branches, autumn flowers, fruit, gourds and pumpkins can generate a decorative concept that suits autumn very well. The close relationship between mistletoe and fall natural elements can suit your decor.

Sprigs Style Decor With Mistletoe

To continue with the theme by using mistletoe in internal décor such as tablecloths or serviettes with embroidered borders, cushion covers, or almost any other decor item made with fabric.

DIY Paper Mistletoe

Decorative paper featuring mistletoe are many such as mistletoe cards, mistletoe kissing ball, and even wrapped around candles or other Christmas decorations.


However, if you decided to decorate your home with fresh mistletoe and if there will be children or pets around for the holidays is not recommended. The berries and the leaves are toxic if ingested. To prevent accidental transfer, consider using rubber gloves while making this craft.


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Merry Mistletoe and Glad Tidings Cardsource

Mistletoe felt ornamentsource

Crochet Mistletoe Garland source

Christmas Door Wreath Mistletoe Door Hangingsource

Mistletoe Christmas Garland Table  Decor




Hanging Mistletoesource

Hang The Mistletoe


Mistletoe Decoration for Christmas source

Wooden Mistletoe Garland


Festive Garland 


Festive Holiday Staircases and Entryways



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