A Family Holiday To Mauritius Paradise Island In The Indian Ocean

Discerning travelers are always on the lookout for discovering the very best new locations to explore. Exotic and multicultural Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is beautiful and accessible. An idyllic tiny volcanic island set in the Indian Ocean anchored off the south east coast of Africa is a perfect place for a holiday, with its warm blue waters and golden sands easing you into its tranquil atmosphere.
The value of the island as a tourist destination comes from its wealth of colonial leftovers; miles of sparkling crystal in the turquoise water and glorious beaches and off-shore coral reefs and abundant natural beauty, including game reserves, famous towering waterfalls , national parks and underwater adventure.

If you want more; there’s plenty else to do, you could go deep sea fishing, dolphin watching or even take the Blue Safari Submarine for a chance to see some tropical fish up close. Mauritius appeals to all kinds of holidaymakers whether on a budget or not, in particular, to couples looking for a romantic atmosphere of adults only; newlyweds, with honeymooners, families keen on indulging in some surface water sports looking to spend their vacation boating, fishing, hiking and swimming or simply indulge in some rest and relaxation and culture buffs in search of historical relics and museums.

The island caters well for all these types of travelers, with the excellent choice of accommodation (self-catering apartments, beach villas, resorts, five-star luxury hotels and golf resorts) complemented by delicious restaurants and outstanding shopping. Mauritius is a great escape for those looking to get away from it all and it lacks the hustle and bustle making it ideal for total relaxation and privacy.

Mauritius is a friendly and ethnic melting pot of diverse heritage with an interesting history that has helped to shape this multicultural beach-lovers’ holiday destination. Although Mauritius lies alongside eastern Africa and having a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural it is well known reputation for stability, racial harmony and is more influenced by its British, French and Indian ties than by the African mainland. The multicultural nature of the island ensures that residents here welcome tourists from all different background with open arms. Mauritian hospitality along with various ethnic traditions and customs and overly blessed with natural beauty making it one of the most popular destinations for those with a passion for other cultures and the outdoors.


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