Craft Ideas For Chinese New Year Holiday (Dragons Craft)

Chinese New Year is a very important holiday in China, there is no event more popular and important for the Chinese as is the Chinese New Year. The Chinese calendar follows the New Moon and ends with the lantern festival on the full moon 15 days later, calculated on the time the moon takes to go around the Earth, and divides the years into groups of twelve. It is celebrated in late January to early February (depending on the year). Just to make it clear the Chinese New Year does not begin on the first of January. Because the Chinese calendar is based on the lunar year, the date of Chinese New Year has no fixed date. It origins dating from 2600 B.C. It was during the time when Emperor Shih Huang Ti introduced the zodiac cycle. So Chinese Holidays are a great excuse for getting the kids involved in holiday crafts, coloring, projects and themed learning activities,especially Chinese New year, as it is full of creative craft a child could do.Here are some great Chinese New Year dragon crafts for kids for the Year . Printable Dragon Paper Craft are really Cool , and have fun making dragons, lanterns, fireworks and more!Remember, the two main colors used in Chinese New Year celebrations are red (the symbol of happiness) and gold (the symbol of wealth and prosperity). When in doubt about what colors to choose for your crafts, you can’t go wrong with using either of those colors.Have Fun On the Holiday.