23 Creative and unusual DIY pencil holder ideas for your home desk decoration

I knew simple craft ideas from simple materials will expressed after few seconds for everyone in a family whether you are working or studying or even just having a library room with a desk. All of us love to decorate our desks. We never stop using pens and pencils. So we can use them in decorating our desks or making things to keep them. The idea of today is making pen and pencils holders with amazing designs to put them on your desk of your home or office that makes your desk much more organized.

The first idea is making Flower Pot Pen Holder Craft. This craft may be a thanking present or just a piece for your desk decorations. You need some supplies to be prepared if you want to start making this craft. Get these materials a small clay flowerpot, Plaster of pairs, ballpoint pen with a top Green paint, green florist tape, tissue paper, hot glue gun and glue. Also you should get those instruments that you will need in working, they are disposable rubber gloves, paintbrush, large plastic bowl and stirrer.

Let’s start working with each other. First, mix the Plaster of Paris with water in a disposable plastic container using a stirrer. Second, fill the flowerpot with a mixture of the Plaster of Paris. Third, put two or more green pens from their tops in the pot before the plaster hardens. Fourth, act the pens as the stem of the flower by wrapping the green florists’ tape on them and use the tissue paper to make the flowers from the pens bottoms. Finally, put the decorated pen in its tops that you put the before in the flowerpot. Now, you have decorated pens and their holders in the shape of flowerpot.

The second idea has a meaning more than its materialistic meaning. The idea is making pens and pencils holder from a juice can but you will do it and what it’s meaning. First, it is called Eye Can Desk Craft but its meaning is “I can” for remembering you by your goals that you can do them. To do this you need empty juice can, scissors, animals and people pictures, white glue and glue brush. First, cut enough eyes from the animals and people pictures that cover the entire can. Second, stick those eyes on the can but don’t leave any empty spaces between those pictures. Third and finally leave it to dry to obtain a great pencils and pens holder with great meaning that you can do anything.
Those are the best ways to thank anyone in your family or as a desk decoration. Share with us your crafts experiences. The issue is not the max spirit but we give a leverage to put little things in our family holiday home areas where we are hoping that you could spend some good time with us. Images via: Pinterest and etsy hope you liked this post. You can also get inspired to decorate your home using some of our past articles Creative DIY Craft Decorating Ideas Using Colorful Buttons and DIY Painted Mug Gift Idea That Won’t Wash Away to help get you started.


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