‘Treat’ your Halloween Home with Festive Décor…Halloween is one of those holidays that either you let go a little or you could do without it. For those who like the idea of decorating their home for the holiday, but not referring to change their home decorating to a Halloween Inspired Dark Interiors with the black cauldrons and scary black cats, here are some ideas for your home.

Instead of focusing all the way on the dark colors, why not ‘treat and treating’ your home to fun ideas that the whole family get excited especially your kids, by using these Halloween Home with Festive Décor inspirations to make your Halloween home a memorable one this year? We have chosen some Cool and Spooky Halloween ideas, to ‘Treat’ your Halloween Home with Festive Decor for your big Halloween celebration. See our suggestions Enjoy!

Types of Halloween Decorations

Depending on what type of Halloween display you are planning for this year you can choose from a very wide array of Halloween decorations. The basic Halloween decorations is to suit most anyone’s decorating needs; from cute and whimsical to quite ghastly and almost sickening.

1-Hanging Decor: 

Halloween decorations that hang from various structures make entering Halloween more exciting. Halloween Hanging decorations create a haunted house super scary and ghostly effect. A hanging prop are especially effective when it is floating creating a spooky extra scare factor, especially when putted in someplace unexpected. Halloween Hanging Decor props can be easily hung at eye level and easily be hung for a great eerie look and a bigger impact as well.

Ceiling hanging Halloween décor;

Your ceiling is a fantastically creative way to create a scary environment that your visitors visualize your Halloween decorations. Centralize your Halloween decoration accessory without taking up much space, ceilings such as spider webs, ghosts, ghouls, witches, bats, fan decorations, giant spiders, hanging swirls, and tissue balls. Choosing to hang crafty décor as ceiling decorations are used in seasonal decor or party décor that serve to make any space seem more modern and unique.


Floating Witch Hat Luminaries By Polka Dot Chair

 Witches Hats.

Floating witch hats from the ceiling of your porch or enter doorway can add a touch of spooky decor to your front door. Hanging black witches’ hats with luminaries are easy-to-make. These luminaries can make witches hats decorations easily to locate. (via @southernsurroundings)

Hanging Ghosts 

Ghosts are an indispensable part of any Halloween decorations. Hanging Ghosts add frightful fun to your indoor decor or craft outdoor decorating ideas. Hang them from the ceiling, suspended in the air in unequal heights. They can be hanged in the patio or veranda or perhaps in the carport or a tree to create a proper atmosphere for Halloween.

Hanging Bats

Add some shadowy number of flying Halloween bats to your Halloween front porch as they’ll hover over the when you welcome trick-or-treaters in hair-raising style. This is a quick and easy Halloween craft, perfect for adding a spooky touch.

Black Birds; Crows Halloween Decor

Black Feathered Crows or flying paper black birds are outdoors Halloween decorations that add classic, gothic mystery to your décor. These creepy black birds are incredibly spooky touch to your fright night festivities but fun Halloween vibe at home.

Hanging Spiders;

Another amazing ceiling decoration is to hang a giant spider up for a simply spooky set of Halloween décor!  Spin a haunting web of creepy- but a cluster of huge, hairy, scary spiders is spine in your haunted house to add an eerie arachnid accents to your party supplies.

Hanging spiral decorations;

Hang a Halloween Mixed Hanging Swirl Decorations made of pumpkin spiral decorations, skull spiral decorations, bat spiral decorations, skull spiral decorations and Halloween Spiral Ornaments hang from walls or the ceiling to add style to your party.


Pumpkin and Ornament Garland

DIY Yarn Pumpkin garland 

A cute string of festive fall décor with orange yarn you can make adorable fall ‘pumpkin’ garland for such CUTE decor on mantels, coffee bars, etc! It is simple, and timeless and you can make it match ANY style. This pumpkin garland made from scrap yarn to create a fun way to add decor to your home or yard during the cooler fall season. (via; design improvised)

Spider sewn paper garland(via; catch my party)

Pipe Cleaner Spider Garland(via; design improvised)

Garland Decorations;

Halloween Garland decor are stylishly spooky decor accessories that can make a big impact with little effort. To bring the spirit of the season into your home use materials found in your home…paper, cardstock, yarn, pipe cleaner,  pumpkins and much more.

Skull Lanterns

Candy Corn Garland

Chandelier Decoration

For a Halloween twist use these glitter balloons of different colors with spider confetti to create a stocky chandelier decoration. Latex Balloons are easy to find, inexpensive, and come in every color imaginable. (via;sisters suitcase)

2-Wall Decor: 

When it comes to decorating the house for Halloween, a scary Halloween ambience is easy created on the walls.  Walls transformation is no less than any other Halloween home decorations to get spooky touch to the space.

Gallery Wall

The gallery wall trend is easy to create with a little bit of quick with striped spider art. To create a spooky vignette a taxidermy is made by cutting the head off a fake crow. Get more detailed instructions here.

Halloween wall decals;

Halloween decals of skulls, pumpkins, monsters, ghosts and more are amazingly terrifying wall stickers that turns your home into the spookiest place for Halloween .

Halloween wall art décor

Explore scary wall art designs by decorating your home with scary Halloween wall art. Deck the walls with artwork to display ‘The Secret of the Old Clock’. These DIY’s clocks and keys are for a hauntingly easy decoration for a night of fun.

via practically functionalhttps://www.practicallyfunctional.com/diy-glow-in-the-dark-halloween-wreath/

Halloween Wreaths

Wreaths vary in style, colors and materials DIY designs or readymade Halloween wreaths  but all serve to impress your guests and the trick-or-treaters. If you’re a design minimalist, choose the perfect wreath for your front door from traditional decor or outside of the box ideas.

Halloween Door Hanger

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The Halloween door hanger let kids decorate their doors with fun and easy Door Hanger in a variety of fun themes and designs. door hangers are fun weather it was crafts for kids or ready to hang holiday decorations for home. Halloween door hanger might be stickers or door hangers. Halloween door hanger are an affordable way for your little elves to find the magic of Halloween décor into their room.

spider-skull-door-decoration-door-decorspider-skull-door-decoration (via etsy)

Halloween front door 

When it comes to Halloween decor, your front door decoration is the second thought after carving pumpkins. Halloween front door cover and Halloween front door decorations are your guest first impression. Whether you love all things creepy or spooky Halloween door decoration is a must.

Yard or Outdoor Decor Front Door Entryway,

For the coming holiday transform the look of your ordinary outdoor place into something that appears a lot more eerie and frightful. There are some spooky or terrifying Halloween scene designed specifically for outdoor Halloween decoration that quickly transform your yard or outdoor decor Front Door Entryway into an eerie and frightful place.

Halloween Lights & Special Effects

Lighted Halloween Decorations: Decorations that use light create a magical or scary scene and special effects. Lighting became a popular way to decorate your home for Halloween from your pathway up to your front door. From lanterns, light strings and lamps to illuminated skulls, ghastly lighted freaks are an effective way to create an extra scary sort of Halloween fun.

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