How to Turn a Rug Into a Wall Art Tapestry

Most families want to change the decoration of their houses but they can’t do this because it costs much money from them. Follow us to take some ideas about house decorations that you can make them by yourselves. Our team will discuss with you a brilliant idea for wall decorations and will give you the tips for each idea. Mothers can make beautiful decorations for the wall by using luxury old carpets to do these crafts.

Let’s prepare together a piece of nice old carpet, a piece of cloth , needle, thread, scissors, two wooden sticks with same length, pins and hammer you can make this craft by two methods.

The first method is using two wooden sticks in making this craft. Come with me now to know about this method tips. At the beginning, cut a good piece of carpet using a sharp scissors then clean it carefully. After that bring two wooden sticks and fix them at the two side lengths of the piece of carpet by pins using the hammer. Those two wooden sticks act as a supportive to the carpet. At last but not the least, make two handles by beautiful pieces of cloth. Finally you will obtain the wall craft that is possible to hang on the wall.

The second method is using cloth instead of the wooden sticks. The first tip is cutting the cloth in equal edges of the carpet. The second tip is flooding the cloth pieces on the carpet edges and sews them by using thread and needle. The third tip is making two handles from cloth with the same carpet colors. By those tips you will obtain a wonderful wall decoration for your family house from your luxury old carpets. Don’t stop on those tips, you can add more touches to your crafts. Try these marvelous ideas and share with us your craft photos. We will be so happy to know your opinion and see your comments. Enjoy and stay up to date with us to find more useful content on crafts you can do! You can also get inspired of everyday objects to decorate your home using some of our past articles 40 DIY Creative Ideas of How To Recycle Old Bottles and Easy DIY Photo and Picture Frame Decorating Crafts to help get you started. Check them and get inspired to do some creative things for your home.






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