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Cheerful Halloween Decor Ideas For Unexpected Colorful Halloween

Cheerful Halloween Decor Ideas For Unexpected Colorful Halloween

Cheerful Halloween Decor Ideas For Unexpected Colorful Halloween …Today many cheerful colors are used for Halloween decorations instead of dark and spooky colors. Many of us are tired of traditional scary and spooky black, red or orange décor for Halloween. Honestly, I am one of those who want to skip all this Gothic décor, all dark and moody decorations. Having young children made me and many parents have a second though of Halloween colors especially the young children who love to help in decorations. Exposing them to all the blood, gore and guts Keeps them emotional disturbed. To set up a beautiful, modern and bold colorful Halloween décor is what most parents dreaming to came up with.

There is no longer only traditional Halloween orange and black colors to create a decoration; instead go unusual, bold and very stylish. Green, purple, red, hot pink or any other decor colors are cheerful colors for the coming holiday.

Colorful Pumpkins

Pumpkins are favorite element for fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. Forget moody and gloomy ones and scary jack-o-lanterns. This year make your special different bold colors. Add to your holiday décor DIY pumpkins, cool and quirky quotes with letter stickers and paint them in cheerful various fun colors for a unique look. Go for watercolors, rainbow-colored pumpkins, color block pumpkins, gradient, Ombre, beads, sequins, and glitter, the result will be amazing! For beautiful no-carve pumpkin ideas, you can paint them by dipping, painting, stencil and even using sticks to create whimsical and colorful pumpkins. Try those trendy decor ideas like or everything else that comes to your mind will make them look ultimate.
There are tons of ways to add little something special to your pumpkin decorations in a fun and bright way. Decorate your mantel or steps placing the brightest and boldest colored pumpkins. Use them as jars for apple cider or as bowls for sweets to make those trick-o-treaters happy. Take a look at the tutorials and you’ll have a festive group of adorable pumpkins that you like in no time.

Halloween decorating ideas with cheerful colors

The celebration of Halloween date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain many centuries ago. So, there are many legends and traditions around the world. Halloween vibrant celebration is definitely around orange and black colors. But as time passes, the festivity and the decoration change step by step by professional interior designers adding various cheerful colors. And even Halloween colors in each culture gives it a different touch to update blended with imagination, creativity and mysticism that reflect its dynamic.

Traditionally we would have to start with the meanings and symbolisms of orange and black, the two colors associated with Halloween. These basic colors together have a yin/yang type of relationship. But there are also several other colors beside the basic Halloween colors. The different colorful images for Halloween have become an important part of the holiday. White, red, purple and green became also associated with pumpkins, costumes, and lots of candy.
This roundup will be a nice source for the meaning and symbolism of these colors for such décor, take a look to get inspired! See more colors ideas for Halloween and be inspired to create your own.

7 Halloween Colors And What They Represent

Halloween is a vibrant celebration that is seeing all the vibrant colors, blended with imagination, creativity and mysticism. The Halloween colors reflect this dynamic which makes Halloween so memorable. Traditionally, orange and black for centuries were the colors associated with Halloween. Our childhood memories are saturated with this yin/yang color relationship. However, as we grew older several other colors have been included and become an important part of Halloween including white, red, purple, green and lots of bright lights.

Halloween Colors and Their Meaning

1-Meaning and symbolism of the color black on Halloween;

The color black represents or is closely linked to the color of darkness and night. Black color has ties and has been associated with death, evil, witches and magic. So, it’s not surprising that color black is one of the most popular Halloween colors.
The link between the theme of black color, death and Halloween is where the Halloween has age old links with Gaelic festivities… the festival of Samhain. Halloween has ancient origins with both, traced all the way back to ancient Celtic spiritual tradition and legend at the festival of Samhain…the spirit world and the living is supposedly thin around Halloween time. The Celts believed that, the barriers between the world of the living and the world of the dead are broken during Samhain- the darkest time of the year- at that time they welcome the spirits of their ancestors. Hence the link between black color and death with the celebration of Halloween.

The color black was associated many Halloween creatures and linked to evil, creepy and mysterious things that come out at night. These include bats, black cats, spiders, witches, crows, among many more.

2-Orange color on Halloween

Orange is the color of fire spreading over the darkness of night. Fire has a long and strong connection with Halloween. Beside the color black, orange is a Halloween symbol.
The use of fire dates back to the ancient festival of Samhain which is believed to be what Halloween originated from. Fires were thought to be like the sun, has protective powers. Fires have stark contrast to the darkness of night. Thus orange, which represented the color of the flames, is the opposite of the color black. This color contrast with black the good and evil.

The fire is represented through the candles in the carved pumpkins safety used and protected from the wind outside. Along with pumpkins, the color orange is the symbol of the changing of the seasons, due to the leaves change during the fall season.

Orange and Black

The colors orange and black are the most widely Halloween colors.  These Halloween colors Orange and black represent the different sides of the holiday. Aren’t exactly opposites but it would be hard to imagine a Halloween without them.

3-Halloween Purple Color- A Witches Brew

Purple – A Witches Brew is a color that is linked to all things mystical, magical, and a bit of the supernatural.  Purple is also the color of the seventh chakra which represents the third eye and clairvoyance representing royalty, wealth, powerful people, and luxury. In ancient times, clothes of very powerful and important people were used to dye in deep purple. Reason why it is associated with witches and wizards.
In modern times Evil witches usually depict their outfits in deep purple, which is almost always combined with black stripes and even green. Purple have been easily accepted as a Halloween color than black color because it’s more pleasing and less scary for children.

4-Halloween Green Color- Monsters and Slime

Although green is not a traditional Halloween color, it earned by time its place among the spooky and scary. Green became one of the popular Halloween colors. It’s a bright, joyful colors, frequently found throughout nature. But just as it can be a cheerful color, it can also be disturbing and unnatural, placed among all things spooky and scary. The color green has a history of being used to represent creepy and terrifying things. The color green is linked to many, many Halloween evil monsters. Usually, Halloween monsters and evil creatures are often green; like Frankenstein, zombies, aliens, goblins, trolls and witches. Black cats with bright green eyes, glowing-in-the-dark are also often shown. Naturally the color green has positive meanings. But it can be spooky to represent the supernatural used for Halloween decorations, to symbolize greed. Just as they also symbolize jealousy, selfishness, resentment, disease and greed.

5-Halloween Red Color-A Vampire’s Favorite Color

The color red is another color seen in nature during autumn just like the color orange and yellow seen with the changing season. It is also often associated with Halloween… the color of blood, especially with the recent popularity of vampires, bats and demons. Many Halloween creatures are associated with this color. But equally, evil witches, wizards, and sorcerers are no exceptions. Red color anciently was and still widely used in Halloween makeup and costumes. Today it is used to create incredible bloody Halloween theme decorations to celebrate Halloween.  The color red represents blood on Halloween and symbolizes anger, power. Also, danger, intensity and even possessive passion.
Red is a powerful Halloween color because it also represents life and mortality.

6-Halloween White Color- A Ghastly Color

In general, the color white is a positive color, associated with good and purity. White as one of the classic Halloween colors, used alongside orange and black. But for Halloween it has a more sinister role, somewhat disturbing meaning and for more upscale Halloween decorations. The color white on Halloween represent the loneliness of souls and the undead that peeks out from a shallow grave not at rest. These White ghosts and spirits seen at night floating to persecute and terrify us. White as a Halloween color is the color of skulls, skeletons, bones and mummy bandages decaying in the ground symbolizing emptiness, coldness, death and mourning and also hostility.

7-Halloween Teal Color

Teal Pumpkin Project is quickly becoming more popular than ever. This peculiar color practically became a new color in Halloween decoration seen in many homes. That teal Pumpkins blue green painted have even been has become Halloween’s cheery colors and more popular in decoration. Knowing that Teal is a complementary color to orange on the color wheel. According to their website: “The Teal Pumpkin project is a worldwide movement to create a safer, happier Halloween for all children.” The Teal Pumpkin Project is a great program giving an option to children to have fun giving trick-or-treaters. With this project, kids with food allergies can also enjoy the traditional trick-or-treating. Those who cannot consume sweets have a choice between candy and small toy items. All you have to do is to put a teal pumpkin out to let people know you are participating.

Other Cheerful Halloween Colors 

Many other colors can also be used in Halloween decorations and they work very well. Yellow themed Halloween decorations is usually used on posters as danger and warning. The color yellow is normally warm, cheerful and inviting but it’s rarely mentioned as an official color of Halloween. But a yellow that is very bright, almost fluorescent, can work really well.
Midnight blue is a very magical color character that is also associated with powerful wizards and sorcerers. This mystical color is like purple or purple, it shares the magical and mysterious.
Another color that works great with orange in Halloween decorations is gray. Dark gray shade mixed with orange works great for Halloween, it gives a touch of modernity.

So, using your imagination, think outside of the box and try to transform anything scary decor into something cheerful colors alongside traditional ones. Remember that decoration does not have strict rules. Look beyond what you see create a scary Halloween decoration but with a touch of joy and fun with cheerful colors that is perfect for YOU!


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