40 Colorful Easter Décor Ideas for Spring Homes and Holiday Tables

Spring and Easter mood finally comes home, more enjoyable and beautiful decoration for both spring and Easter are not necessarily absent.

40 Colorful Easter Décor Ideas for Spring Homes and Holiday Tables… After a long gloomy winter, the days are getting warmer and with the rays of the sun staying out longer reminding us that the beauty of spring has come and that the main Christian holiday, Easter is just around the corner.

So, spring and Easter mood finally comes home, more enjoyable and beautiful decoration for both spring and Easter are not necessarily absent.

Properly selected Colorful Easter decorations created with eggs, egg shell, figures, and fabrics can be designed with a lot of creativity. Easter decorations making a festive look on doors, walls and holiday tables will prepare us for the Easter celebration.
Undoubtedly, the presence of spring bright colorful flowers combined to Easter ideas bring fresh and genuine atmosphere… perfect for the holiday.

Today we will discuss how to create Colorful Easter Décor Ideas for Spring Homes and Holiday Tables with cheerful, joyful mood.Here are wonderful Easter decorations from Pinterest so browse through the gallery and use them as inspirations for your individual décor, most of them are creative, simple and beautiful Easter decorating. All you need is some technical skill and imagination. You can also get inspired to decorate your home using some of our past articles 45 Awesome Easter and Spring Decoration Ideas and Gorgeous Easter & Spring Table Setting Decoration Ideas to help get you started.

Traditional Easter decorations

Hardly any traditions are individual but painting eggs is an Easter custom which is so famous and widely spread. Of course, colorful Easter eggs are great decorations because it is more diverse. Easter eggs decorations varies between bright colors and colorful patterns of the charm of spring, they seem to say goodbye to winter and celebrate the onset of spring. The colors of the coming spring… delicate pastel shades, bright yellows and greens creating an awakening atmosphere after long winter nights hibernation and a desire rebirth.

Easter wooden or porcelain figurines have been popular at all times. Easter Porcelain figurines in the shape of rabbits or eggs, perhaps, were in almost every house or apartment. A stylish decor element can be perceived as an allegory of rebirth … this give us a great Easter mood. Flower and animals print also are popular not only hanged for the holiday but weeks before and after.

Easter decor and individual lifestyle

Contemporary style …Modern Easter Inspiration  

Modern lifestyle has clean lines with pure designs. The new contemporary Easter style dictates special requirements for decorating Easter eggs and Easter figurines. In keeping with this style, these decorative elements and lines on traditional Easter eggs and figurines are completely different. Easter eggs and figurines can be made from cement, stone, porcelain or wooden figures. Decorating Easter eggs also are possible in new lines as skillful or hand craft are possible in many optional ways like marble egg painting, wooden dummies, panoramic eggshells.


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Rustic Easter Style:

This rustic style features natural materials like heavy natural wood chests and decorative wooden figurines. Easter tablecloth is made of spring floral prints, or colorful earthenware in brown or green. The napkins are suitable for an Easter table in a rustic style. The curtains  are embroidered in flower or printed.

Romantic Style… Classic Easter Inspiration

This style is characterized by playful furnishings, soft pastel shades for your Easter decor and curved or serpentine lines. For a romantic table worthy chooses a novelty arrangement for an Easter symbols. The crystal glasses are welcomed,  Easter porcelain figures and  mint green tablecloth with an overall picture of a romantic Easter décor.

Cheerful Easter living room decor

In order to prepare your home for Easter and fill your home with the renewing spirit of Easter, you can keep the spirit of Easter alive with Colorful Easter Décor Ideas for Spring Homes and creative DIY Easter crafts for table decoration.

Move away from general Easter decorations and be specified with each Easter symbolic decor from our tradition to characterize the Easter season. Simple garlands, delicate centerpieces, small decorative wood and porcelain figurines and beautiful colorful decoration accessories as vases, candlesticks can be individually combined with any other Easter décor. With vibrant living room accents in soft pastel colors can beautifully intertwined with Easter wreaths and spring flowers.



Easter Balcony Décor Ideas

One of the best looks of your home and an unusual Easter decorating places is the balcony. Many of us live in apartments and not in houses, and so, unlike a house, an apartment don’t have a terrace or a garden. The balcony is still a way to decorate your home. Many people just focus on Outdoor Easter Decorations and forget about the balcony decor. For this you need to make sure that your holiday balcony décor looks so cool that everyone would envy! If you have a got a balcony at your home, then you can decorate your small outdoor space with chic and style. To create a spring mood and an Easter atmosphere in the balcony, you can hang Easter Balcony Décor items such as colorful garlands, ornaments, lights and wreaths on cornices and balcony grates. In addition, flower pots in the shape of various Easter symbolic figures, colorful Easter eggs and many other things to make your balcony look different.






Outdoor Easter Decorations

Most people focus more on the Easter table itself or Easter interior decorations – leaving the outside area -porch without a festive entourage. Because Easter is basically an open invitation for annual Easter egg hunt and a family gathering outside since the weather is finally warm enough. So, Easter is the time to dress up your yard, deck, front porch, or doorstep with outdoor Easter decorations. These Outdoor Easter decoration ideas with different DIY Easter crafts which include decorated eggs and bright flowers with soft pastels.



Easter Festive table decoration

Decorating a festive Easter table is a must. A tablecloth or napkins with Easter motifs are basic component for any festive Easter table that create a harmonious base for your Easter table. The combination of dinnerware sets with balanced color spring flowers creates the mood of spring. Light accents for extra decorative accents as small decorative porcelain figurines or egg-shaped candles.


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