40 Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas For New Dads

Gift Ideas for New Dads That'll Help Them Through the Early Days (And Beyond)

Creative Father’s Day Gift Ideas For New Dads … Some dads are so easy to shop for while other dads require days devoted to thinking of some clever and unexpected Father’s Day gift ideas, but first-time dads are the hardest.

Being a father for the first time surly they don’t want to be gifted as they’ve been repackaging for their own fathers for years. For the last group dads we’ve come up with some Father’s Day Gifts Ideas That Your Dad Doesn’t Already Have and picks for New Dads that will show him he’s number one on June 16.

These are the best first Father’s Day gifts to give. Many of them are not your typical “No. 1 Dad” mug— but meant to celebrate his new-dad status in style. Some of them focus on new-dad challenges, like back pain, bleary eyes, and sleepless nights. Others are great for paternity leave in sweats and hoodies, and still more are those classic dad gifts that he hasn’t had a chance to enjoy yet.

Let’s make his first Father’s Day a day to remember. These thoughtful and practical gift ideas will make dad the most popular guy and will surely make him laugh.

Best Gifts for New Dads 2024

Unique gift for new dad from wife;

Thinking of how many husbands were being such supportive partners through the whole adventure. You’d probably love to surprise him with a Best Gift for New Dads From Wife either when we come home with your little guy, or just before. Something thoughtful and small, that shows him your appreciation and that you know he’s going to be a great dad.

A unique gift for new dad from wife

Adorable baseball caps

ADALIX Big Man Little Man Hats would be a unique gift for new dad as a Creative Father’s Day Gift. Chances are he’s beyond excited about having a lil mini-me. The baseball coordinating caps have matching looks.

Birthday gift for new dad from wife

DJI Pocket 2

It’s the perfect gift for a first-time father who loves documenting everything about his little one. A pocket-size video camera that takes impressively high-quality videos. Videos can easily download to his phone and post on social media. via dji.

Best sentimental new dad gifts

Personalized Survival Guide for New Dads

An ideal, refreshingly honest gift for new dads who need a good laugh when they finally get a relaxing moment. Via wonderbly.


Christmas gift for new dad from wife

Hatch Baby Rest+ Baby & Kids Sound Machine;

Sleep is definitely something than ever these days. Hatch Baby Rest+ Baby & Kids Sound Machine is to keep your little one into deep, relaxing sleep. the sounds are like white noise, soft wind, rain and luullabie, that also functions as a time-to-rise sleep trainer and nightlight!

Hospital gift for new dad

Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kit

A hospital bag packed, prepared for baby’s arrival, if you what something special you’re your husband. Go through Having baby labor process is a onetime experiment. A little “Daddy’s Hospital Survival Kit” is  to helpful for him through his stay at the hospital, filled with some of his favorite goodies as well as a few other things that he may need. Via unoriginalmom.

Gifts for new dads that aren’t for the baby

Personalised New Baby Cufflinks

Gifts for new dads that aren’t for the baby but from Baby. Perfect for new dads and husbands’ year long.

Best Gift for Expectant New Dads:

Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time

A book applies to fatherhood …This book of motivational quotes from legendary coaches empowers fathers to be the best leaders, role models, and life coaches. After all, dads do what the best coaches do—they motivate, mentor, discipline, and love. Via amazon.

Most Useful Gift for New Dads:

Dad mugs for Father’s Day

Dad mugs for Father’s Day is a cool gift for the very best Ideal Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthday Gift – Novelty Cup for Proud Fathers.

Funniest Gift for New Dads:

If you are a mom-to-be lurker with a husband that has been extremely supportive during your pregnancy, in ways that you could have never imagined. Then gifting him the Funniest Gift for New Dads…a joke book full of Dad jokes. This gift is to acknowledge all his support.  Something special to celebrate the birth of your first baby.  Via amazon.

Best Personalized Gift for New Dads:

 Braided Leather Bracelet With Baby Footprint

Personalized Gift for New Dads from wife, is ranging from personalized leather keychains for dad-to-dad bracelets with children’s names. You can engrave with message like ” Best Dad Ever” or “Dad est.”.

These funny dad gifts make for perfect new daddy gifts and for any occasion. personalized gifts for father are top-notch choice as Father’s Day gifts from wife. Via ruggedgifts.

Father’s Day gift ideas for new dads from wife

Being a new dad is a big deal! He’s living the dream, and that means two things: 1) He’s happy 2) He’s tired. As a new mom too diaper changing, awake along late nights, the early mornings. Not to mention neither of you haven’t had time for a workout in months. Although all this is the best thing that ever happened, but it’s the hardest thing he’s ever done. Hence, this Father’s Day, get your husband for first Father’s Day gift that is functional or fun gift to make him happy and that’ll make his first run at parenthood a hell of a lot easier.

Engraved watch



This rectangular custom necklace makes an excellent gift for any occasion!  The tried-and-true silhouette makes this a great option for new dads. Add a backside engraving with the font and image of your choice to create a piece that is unique and special!

Golf-loving Dads

This Golf-loving Dads chain makes a thoughtful memorial gift, in memory of dad gift or sympathy gift for the loss of father.

Leather Personalised Camera Bag

For some reason, most camera bags on the market are of few stylish. Most of them are all just black, strappy, “technical” and super rugged.

Like, most of us photographers just want an easy way to carry a camera. Planning on paratrooping needs a safely and adapt to a variety of situations before shooting.

Personalized Silver Cuff Links

Personalized Silver Cuff Links which you can personalize by choosing what to write on. They make a thoughtful and meaningful gift for men all year round, for new dads. Each cufflink in this pair can show a different theme.

Travel Pill Case

Keep your medications secure and easy to access while on the go with atravel pill case. Travel Pill Case keeps your meds medications straight.

Amplifier: a Gift for Dad

Fathers’ Day is the perfect time to help him upgrade his hi-fi rig, that will make his music come alive and not break the bank! Forget the Tie…this stuff will definitely put a smile on his face!


Father’s Day gift ideas for new dads from baby

Daddy plays a special role especially when starting a family and with the first baby’s arrival. so on father day he deserved thank you. Fitting to give him a special gift to celebrate creating a family and having that bond between baby and Daddy with a present from your child.

Help your dad to create lasting memories with his little new one through knowing what’s on Papa’s Wishlist. You may need help thinking of a special gift that comes from your little although they can’t actually pick something out themselves yet. Here are some of the cutest and most creative gifts from baby to Dad helping you to do shopping.Pair any one of these with a meaningful card to create the perfect present.


Matching Outfits

Like daddy, like baby! Matching daddy and child outfits to tell Dad (and the world) that he’s your child’s home with this quirky matching tee and bodysuit featuring a range of funny messages and designs to add some humor to.

‘My Dad Is Amazing!’ 

Cute cards with an Inside greetings message from baby to dad to add a sentimental twis.

Baby Bodysuit

A cute gift from baby to Dad (or should we say dads)? Check out this cotton bodysuit with an inclusive slogan that reads: “happy 1st father day”. It’s the perfect pick to celebrate the day.

Child’s drawings

Toddlers love nothing more than presenting their parents with their latest doodles. So why not memorialize your child’s drawings with framing or carding. Simply submit your kiddo’s Father’s Day artwork, to add a special touch to your home, not to mention give Dad that best dad feeling for days to come.

DIY first Father’s Day gifts from baby

Put some time and thought into choosing DIY Father’s Day gifts from baby he’ll love. Because he was very traumatic, very supportive and helpful use your creativity to choose special ways of showing a new dad just how amazing and loved he is.

Try these DIY gift ideas for first Father’s Day for new dads to let Dad know how much he means to the family, match his personality and favorite things.

Personalized Keychain with Baby’s Stats

Celebrate your little one, too, with a customized keychain featuring, stamped costom, the baby’s name, birthdate, weight, and length.

Grill Loving Dad

He’s sure to love this card with a special message for Dad.

DIY First Father’s Day Gift Basket Tool

Consider making a Father’s Day gift basket with all his favorites tools.

“Dad” favorite hobby

Start by painting a decorative card craft feathering his favorite hobby. When you’re finished, dad will love hanging the painted  card in his home office.


Kid’s Favorite Bowls

Take the “World’s Best Dad” bowl to a new level by creating your child’s characters. You can also Encourage them to draw dad and write a sweet (or funny) message of their choice.

Best Dad Feet Sign

Giving your father a ” Best Dad Feet Sign” sign is an excellent approach to appreciating and demonstrating your affection for him. You created this unique gift as a way to express gratitude to your father, which can rekindle fond memories.




Best Dad Ever Photo

Greeting card




Custom keychain


 Photo Notebook

Wood Heart Puzzle



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