Amazing Rental Villa with Panoramic Views in Amalfi Coast Italy

Whether you’re from Europe or not and you want to spend your holiday with your family in one of Europe’s most beautiful coastlines, the Amalfi Coast is the best place in Italy and it is one of the named World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.. The Amalfi Coast stretches from Salerno to Sorrento.

Pastel-colored houses and luxurious villas are waiting for you to rent. To make it easier for you, I will suggest a possible villa to enjoy the beauty of Amalfi Coast. Caprese villa gives you the chance to live the Mediterranean style whitewashed villa. As it is nestled in a lush garden of pines and olive trees and located on the Island of Capri near the famous Blue Grotto. Your family can visit the world famous blue grotto, swim in crystal blue water, go shopping and dining. All your needs will be near to you.


The villa you are about to admire is a surprising Mediterranean-style masterpiece. It has a ground floor which consists of open sitting room and dining room. The open sitting room has a large comfortable sofa and the dining room offers a dining table with seats 6 guests. Also there is an equipped kitchen in this floor. The villa offers three luxurious bedrooms, one in the ground floor and two are in the first floor. The first bedroom which on the ground floor has a queen bed with a bathroom and shower. The other bedrooms one has a king bed and private terrace with sea view and the other has queen bedroom with large arched window with bathroom and shower. To enjoy the view of the garden of trees the villa has a terrace furnished with sofas and tables with seating for up to 10. Spend your holiday and relax in Capers’ villa with the stunning Amalfi coast panoramas.

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