On October weekends, you are invited to visit Cohn-Stone Studios (the work place of artists Michael Cohn and Molly Stone) ,Garden Showroom and Glass Blowing Studio. You will love their pumpkins and squash. These Pumpkin Patch are one of America’s most fun art and garden events. These Pumpkin Patch with exaggerating nature’s colors and forms to create unique works of art returns with Cohn-Stone Studio’s annual Glass Pumpkin Garden installation, demonstrations and sale.
You will see the most unusual Pumpkin Patch—hundreds of glass pumpkins and squash become the bloom of the garden. Each glass piece more beautiful than the next. Each have blown and sculpted gold stems and vines twisting around their clear cased exterior, showing off the mottled color and textured ribbing beneath. These gorgeous hand-blown glass pumpkins by Cohn Stone are encased in clear glass for visual depth and topped with a gold luster stem.
Check out their beautiful back garden where they incorporate their art pieces into the landscape. The glass pumpkins artfully displayed in the back garden, scattered amidst one of the cutest gardens and has been called the country’s most unusual pumpkin patch. Surely the most exotic squash you’ll ever own!