Style Your Summer – A New Collection OF Pottery Barn


It has been cold, grey an rainy and most of us had already missed the sunny days and waiting so much for spring. A lot of air and warm weather, earthy tones of sunny days of summer, fresh colors of turquoise and coral shades on the correct frequency and its bright warm summer interiors .

You can find a classy design elements at places like Pottery Barn in it’s a new collection. You can also get inspired to decorate your home using some of our past articles Favorite Summer Holiday Décor From Zara Home and Pastel Summer Inspirations By Stylist Kim Timmerman to help get you started.

style-your-summer-a-new-collection-of-pottery-barn-2Caution; while viewing the New Collection OF Pottery Barn to Style Your Summer you may be having a strong desire to go on vacation!

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