Stylish Tenement In Sopot Poland

In this 140 sq.m apartment; creative professionals Sikorska-Kirylowicz created a space close to the people. This Stylish Tenement is located in one of the houses in Sopot, Poland and what makes it different is its interior living room with lemon.

The interior is literally immersed created for everyday existence and meeting the unusual needs. There are incredibly comfortable, appropriating the aesthetics and discreet luxury in such a good harmony.

stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-11This stylish interior living room with lemon was designed with sunny summer colors which made it perfect for those who value peace and quiet atmosphere. This stylish tenement in Sopot Poland is of a very interesting interior …clear and friendly symbolizing the connection of classic and color, perfect for couples, a group of friends or a family with kids. Great! You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Stylish Interior In Warm Tones In Dawson Place II– Notting Hill London and Cozy Vacation Home In The US to help get you started planning your net family holiday.stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-1 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-2 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-3 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-4 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-5 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-6 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-7 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-8 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-9 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-10 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-12 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-13 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-14 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-15 stylish-tenement-in-sopot-poland-16



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