Who cannot fall in love with Zara? Many many years ago and instantly I fell in love with everything in their stores. Zara Home has been my favorite; its style, cut and silhouette of men and women brand’s clothing … even decoration was like no other. Nobody can resist falling in love with their home collections too. Decorating is really about creating a quality of life and Zara home is definitely at the fore front of home decor because of its excellent production and its spectacular seascapes. The spring-summer 2015 for the new season and latest collection brings us to one of the Spanish islands full of sensuality and style. You can also get inspired to decorate your home using some of our past of Zara articles 36 Amazing New Year Zara Home and Favorite Summer Holiday Décor From Zara Home to help get you started. Have a happy viewing where there is a large Zara home store collection of spring-summer 2015 the marvelous nature of their products just waiting for you. Here are just a FEW of my favorite pieces…get inspired to freshen up your home with these…spotlight-on-zara-home-springsummer-6 spotlight-on-zara-home-springsummer-18

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