Thanksgiving is a popular festival celebrated primarily in America and Canada and several other few countries around the world. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in US and Canada.
It is a special occasion celebrated to give thanks to the God for the good harvest during which the family members, relatives and friends sit around the thanksgiving table together to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving is not only about dinner, but it takes place as a collection of several intimate events to express gratitude to Mother Nature.
The festivities of Thanksgiving include decorating home and office with colorful Thanksgiving crafts. Among the very common and popular Thanksgiving crafts is by making Thanksgiving and harvest banners to add a personalized touch to your home for the holiday. Thanksgiving and Harvest banners are decorative fun statement with the colors of the harvest that can be made into different shapes and sizes. Creative, unique Thanksgiving and harvest banners Crafts not only brighten up any Thanksgiving Holiday event but also provide a great opportunity for kids to use the artistic and creative skills of their own, beside the enjoyment they will have.


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