Villa Jasmine is an impressive looking modern residence an exotic Moorish-style villa situated in Miami Beach, Florida, United States with a surface area: 790 m². Villa Jasmine is a glamorous home featuring no less than 4 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms.

It’s a grand scale Floridian living built in 2003 and the arched windows contribute to this property’s oriental look of the beautiful bay and chic Indian and Moroccan-style furnishings.


This home is currently available for rent with Villazzo five-star service for the opulent cost of, $8,700 – $12,000 per night. Slightly overpriced, but the interiors are quite inspiring. You can also have experience with other Villazzo five-star service have a tour in one of our past articles Luxury Lifestyle: The Best Holiday Home in Miami – Villa Contenta and Endless Aspen Beauty At The Spectacular Villa Jane. Have a look!

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