If you are planning to have your next holiday in France; so try to get the opportunity to stay in a truly unforgettable chateau in Cherbourg. Chateau de Normandy is a dreamy castle… a real castle set in Normandy with towers, moats, parapets and other surprises. The property sets on 89 acres of lush farmland, surrounded by 600 acres of farmland and forests and has 60 acres of gardens and three ponds.

The Dreamy Chateau de Normandy offers 17 rooms & suites, sleeps 30 each with a private bathroom, rented from €8,990 EUR per night. It is an extraordinary property furnished with priceless, authentic antiques that cross the ages and have been in the chateau for centuries. Chateau de Normandy is interiorly designed with furniture creating warmth, relaxation and a refined atmosphere.


Have a trip back to your childhood with all the fantasies of fairies and sorcerers, magicians and ghosts, knights and nobles in this chateau of your dreams. Let the images continue the talk. You can also have a tour in one of our past articles Langley Castle Hotel “A Castle Full Of History And Comfort” Northumberland and Stunning Holiday Home Historical Astley Castle In The Warwickshire Countryside to help decide your next dream holiday.

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