Traveling to Italy Canals of Venice The City of Lovers

Traveling to The city of Venice, on the north of Italy, The capital of Venice is Veneto. Venice name is drived from Venus God. Is simply stunning and completely unique. Founded more than 1,500 years ago on 117 different islands, not very big in size. This traveling site has in total 150 canals and the most is the best known and the biggest canal in Venice is called the Grand Canal. 400 bridges , many ancient pavements and endless waterways. They date back to the 5th century when regional inhabitants built nascent Venice in a swampy, sparsely settled lagoon in order to escape the swords of the invading Barbarians.

View of the Grand Canal from the Rialto in Venice, Italy

Venice is very famous in the worlds because of its canals. Narrow yet beautiful canals, bridges streets give a very different feel of the place.

It is very common to find water buses and water taxi. It seems that the people here live in a different land and world altogether. Anyone who visits this place immediately falls in love with it. The nights on the other hand are quiet and peaceful.

Motor boats are not allowed  traveling in small canals that are narrow, windy and lead to the old city. The total length of the Grand Canal is three kilometers.

The city has almost 400 bridges and the Grand Canal cuts the city equally into two proportionate halves forming a “s” curve from the north to the south. At one end the canal leads into the lagoon near Santa Lucia railway station and the other end leads into Saint Mark Basin.

Grand Canal is the most amazing water street world wide since all architecture styles are known in Venice all along the banks so the canal passing through shops, entertainment places and areas, and restaurants.

Venice is famous for its gondola rides and, for those with money to burn, a ride will not soon be forgotten. They are romantic but quite expensive due to the popularity they have achieved over the years.

A gondola ride that goes under the Bridge of Sighs is a must-do for lovers. It is said that if you kiss under the Bridge of Sighs, you will be in love forever.

The best time to come to Venice is in fall or spring. The summer months not only bring droves of tourists, but the smell of the lagoons is often extremely potent. However, Venice canal is a must-traveling destination for any Italian trip.

Venice is a unique cityscape of well-worn buildings that seem to float on water and marble steps that descend into lapping waters.
Venice is without doubt one of the most beautiful and popular traveling cities in the world, has been inspiring artists from around the world for centuries.

And is always admired by the many  traveling tourists that visit throughout the year with dizzying array of excitement, adventure, romance and Renaissance .

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