Explore the Enchanting Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice – the Floating City

Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice is considered one of the finest hotels in the city, offering guests the perfect blend of historic charm and modern luxury

Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice…The place is in Venice, to stay at or admire the most luxurious property Aman Canal Grande Hotel where Amal and George Clooney got married. Discover the 7-star Aman Canal Grand Hotel and one of the city’s most illustrious residences in Italy’s romantic city that is absolutely the perfect place to spend that lavish vacation getaway when visiting Venice.

The elegant sixteenth-century Palazzo Papadopoli, was occupied as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage List historic buildings made of 24-room luxury accommodations which has the best views of the Venician landscape. As sumptuous and romantic as the city itself Aman Venice – one of only eight palazzi monumentali in Venice, built in about 1560 on the Grand Canal and was given a new life by Denniston International Architects. The Aman Canal Grande the 7-star hotel has the huge advantage of being the only accommodation choice in Venice that makes the guests feel more like they were staying inside a private palazzo rather than spending a night at a hotel. And that is because, essentially, it still is. Discover the unique Aman Canal Grande Hotel…Live your own experiment it will amaze you from the very start.

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