Family Fun with Painted Pumpkins

If You Have Been Looking For Some New And Exciting Pumpkin Decorating Ideas, Pumpkin Painting Might Be Just The Thing! Painted pumpkins are a fun twist on the traditional pumpkin carving. Painting pumpkins is inexpensive and easy. It is a fun family project if whatever age you are! Or if you have toddlers. amazing results by encouraging young craters to use their imaginations and follow their instincts can be seen. A painted pumpkin can last for months, pumpkin can really stand out this year, and carving won’t quite cut it. It won’t shrivel or rot as fast as a carved one and doesn’t involve any sharp knives. Kids and grown-ups alike can have fun at Halloween making these painted pumpkins so enjoy them for the whole fall season.
Start by choosing the spot on the pumpkin where you want the face to be, draw the face directly onto a pumpkin using colored Sharpie markers or draw the pattern you want on a piece of paper, or photo copy an existing pattern, and then trace the outlines on the pattern with a soft pencil or stylus to inscribe the design. Outline is done then go on painting the colors that you prefer.