Traveling to Boston The Cradle of Liberty Massachusetts

Traveling to Boston, one of America’s oldest cities, the capital city of Massachusetts ( sits along the East Coast) and the unofficial capital of the historic and the largest city in New England region. Since Boston history is intertwined with the history of colonial America and the fight for independence. Boston began as a homesteading town in 1822, and is one of the oldest cities in the United States. Boston was originally settled by Native Americans of the Massachusetts and Pawtucket nations. It was the Puritans who primarily shaped Boston’s religious and cultural heritage as we know it today.

Today, Boston the traveling site   is a cosmopolitan city that embraces people of all faiths and none. The Irish were the first to arrive, followed by thousands of Eastern Europeans and Italians. Mostly Catholic, with tens of thousands of Jews arriving as well. But yet still fiercely Irish-Catholic city. By 1900, there were 53 synagogues in the Greater Boston including Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Mormons and others. It boasts a distinct old European flavor and played host to a number of important historical events in the United States, such as the Boston Massacre, the American Revolution, and the Boston Tea Party.

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The Freedom Trail :
Is one of America’s first historic walking tours .Walking there is like stepping back into history. Sixteen significant historic sites are found along the 2.5 mile red brick walking trail. Along the Freedom Trail a collections of museums, meeting houses, churches, graveyards, parks, a ship and historical signs that tell a tourist a true tale about the American Revolution and beyond, as Faneuil Hall, the Old State House and Paul Revere House.


Paul Revere House:

This traveling was built in 1680, Paul Revere House is the oldest wooden building still standing in Boston.


Newbury Street :
Is known as Boston’s most one of the premiere shopping streets in the entire country. and offers virtually endless shopping and dining opportunities spanning eight city blocks.


Beacon Hill’s Acorn Street is Boston’s most photographed byway.

Beacon Hill Acorn Street:
Was the home of Boston’s upper class and well to do community (Brahmin).



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Faneuil Hall :
Is a historic building is named after its French builder Peter Faneuil. In the 19th century, Boston Faneuil Hall remains one of the country’s most famous dining and shopping areas and attracts thousands of traveling visitors to the over 100 shops and old-style carts.



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Fenway Park :
Fenway Park is a baseball park near Kenmore Square in Boston. It is the only one of the original standard ballparks that is still in use. Considered to be one of the best-known Besides baseball, Fenway Park has been the site of many other sporting and cultural events, political and religious campaigns. Sports venues in the world Fenway Park Boston saw its first tragedy on May 8, 1926 just 14 years after it had first opened.

boston-the-cradle-of-liberty-massachusetts-1Boston Museum of Science | Museum of Fine Arts

If you’re looking for history with an entertaining twist, there are several museum in Boston as:
The Museum of Science :
(MoS), Massachusetts landmark, located in Science Park, a plot of land spanning the Charles River.


Cathedral Church of St. Paul:
Is the historic cathedral church of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts was founded in 1819 there were two other Episcopal parishes in Boston – Old North Church and Trinity Church – both of which were founded as Anglican churches before the Revolution as part of the Church of England.. St. Paul’s was the first parish church with entirely American origins in the city, as well as the first Neoclassical building in New England.


Mother Church of Christian Science:
The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston,. is the world headquarters of the Christian Science faith, founded in 1875 by Mary Baker Eddy. The Original Mother Church is at the heart of the Christian Science Plaza and remains today much as it was when first built. The large, domed Mother Church Extension was in 1906.


Park Street Church at Boston Common..

Park Street Church, Boston:
This Puritan church with a tall spire has played an important role in Boston’s religious and political history. The church was known as “Brimstone Corner” because of the missionary character of its preaching,[2] and because of the storage of gunpowder during the War of 1812 . It was founded on February 27, 1809 by twenty-six local people. During your traveling trip, you are sure to discover that some of the most interesting facts about Boston which are entwined with the Revolutionary period, learning about the sacrifices the American forefathers made to sculpt the idea of a better nation ,which still they and most countries are looking for.


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