Creative Quilled Easter Designs and ideas...Quilling or paper filigree or coiling paper is names which have been given to our art during its long history and has been around for centuries.

During the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns and monks used quilling gold paper to decorate reliquaries and holy pictures, adding gilding and much ornamentation during the 16th and 17th centuries. Some sources suggest that many of the techniques we use today were originally practiced in Ancient Egypt.

Today, quilling is just as popular as ever, it is an art that is practiced around the world, it is a people’s art form and the beauty of the art is always expanding. Quilling is an inexpensive art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, something to roll the paper around then to be glued together to create decorative designs. It is used to decorate wedding invitations, for Christmas, birth announcements, greeting cards, scrapbook pages, jewelry, ,boxes, ornaments, and even gallery walls. But we are here to present some Creative Quilled Easter Designs and ideas. They are so cheerful, colourful and happy.

Creative Quilled Easter Designs and ideas can be used to decorate Your House For Easter. You can make your own Creative Quilled Easter Designs in your own taste and colors that suit you and your home. Creative Quilled Easter Designs and ideas can be added to your Easter basket, hang them on your Easter bouquets, put them on the plates as a decoration for the Easter breakfast or dinner or generally put them all over the house to bring in some color.

Quilled paper designs can be very simple or as complex, there’s no limit when it comes to the elab¬o¬rate designs you can create!
If you’re looking for ideas here are some Creative Quilled Easter Designs and ideas resources are at the end of this page. Enjoy!


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