Halloween is around the corner. Have you decided to have a Halloween Hairstyles this year? No Halloween costume is complete without a cool hairstyle to go with it. What are you planning to be this time? Ghost, vampires, Futuristic style ,Futuristic Hairstyles or the Bride of Frankenstein, Marge Simpson and Lady Gaga and so on. Because hair is an incredibly versatile accessory, theme it in a Halloween hairstyle for a total treat.although the natural theme is the allegedly upcoming Hairstyles Trend in 2012 and we call it Nature Hairstyles. Therefore, it is a combination between the trend from last and allegedly upcoming year. A hairstyle alone can make for a great Halloween costume. For Halloween look, you need to fulfill 3 points: costumes, make ups and hairstyles. Because hair is an incredibly versatile accessory, Adding a unique and fitting hairstyle to your Halloween costume is the best way to finish off your look You cannot have great-looking costumes but bad hair-dos or make-ups. Try to balance these three points to have maximal look at the party. Here are Some great hairstyles to compliment your Halloween.