Harmful Effects Of Technology On Children

Parenting is one of the most important positions in the family construction. Being a parent is not an easy responsibility. It needs a lot of care from you to protect your children from harming them selves. Nowadays tablets and phones have replaced the T.V as a way of keeping them entertained but that technology addiction can affect their behavior and sleeping patterns. Some children are affected by technology like a drug user. The symptoms of Harmful Effects Of Technology On Children don’t just mean the child becomes upset or worried when told they can’t use technology. It can impact a child’s sleep, eating habits and make children act up during play time.

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Technology Addiction Has Many Signs On Your Children; below are some of the traits you may see in children who may be addicted to technology:
1- One of these signs, when a parent is trying to get the child to do something else that is fun; the child is reluctant to do so and becoming irritable or depressed when not online becomes agitated or moody when time online is interrupted.
2- Another sign for this addiction, the amount of time they spend using devices increases and they appear tense when they can’t get online.
3- Neglects homework or household chores to spend more time online.
4- Also they are getting distracted by technology from any other issues as eating or social interaction.
5-Requires television at night to fall asleep
6-Shuts down emotionally or becomes violent when gadgets are taken away
7- An important sign which parents may not realize that they use their devices, hiding them or using them in bed without your knowledge to reduce the extent to which they are asked about their usage.

Meet the experts: children often find tablets more instinctive than adults.

How To Treat Kids Who Are Addicted To The Internet:
If you are concerned your child is addicted or is on the way to addiction, you can handle this by many ways and start to make some changes.
I wanted to share some of these changes with you so that you can help your children out of this trap or prevent it from starting. Basically treat it like food addiction it is not given up completely but you can learn to manage it for your own good as well as your child’s.
1. Set a time limit. It is another way to reduce the time of them using technology by setting on the amount of time spent a day on the computer.
2. Equal time for playing outdoors. This is done by distracting your child with other outside activities or sports: riding bikes, skating, and playing with friends.
3. Homework takes priority: You may make a deal with them to let them using their phones two hours daily but all homework had to be done and not through meals or before bed time and that iPad and iPhone are kept in a different room over night. All this is important for their sleeping hygiene.
4. Family time takes precedence: Also you may spend more time with your child without using smart phones or any other type of devices is of great importance.
5. Let them know you are interested and are paying attention: keep their doors open and interact with them during computer time. With younger children, sit with them, watch and interact.
As these devices could affect the mental health of young people, you should be attention to your child.

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