Villa Contenta is one of the most spectacular villas in Florida, with luxury, exclusive and elegant VillaHotel interior design. Contenta is Located in a quiet, peaceful, and secluded location on the waterfront of exclusive Palm Island with full five-star hotel in Spanish Colonial-style with comfort and service overlooking Biscayne Bay with views towards South Beach.

Contenta is one of many luxurious properties built over 1000 sq. meters of living space and designed without compromise, managed by Villazzo Villa Hotels, a company picked the top 10 rental residences in destinations, specializing in the transformation of exclusive villas into the ultimate “VillaHotels” private hotels where you will have everything set up for you like in a 5-star hotel.Luxury-Lifestyle-The-Best-Holiday-Home-in-Miami-Villa-Contenta_02

Villa Contenta sleeps 12 adults in 6 best luxury designed (each of them different) bedrooms spread on the main house and a further 2 bedrooms in the guest house in the grounds. A private dock, floating deck, dining terrace with bar, a gym and a billiard room there is also a fridge and barbecue, an enormous 130 ft. heated walk-in pool with relaxing Jacuzzi, swim-in grotto and a beautiful waterfall, are just some of the garden’s features. Villa Contenta is without doubt one of the most spectacular villas in Florida just perfect for vacation and relaxation, but jet enough noisy and party available because of the nearest of South Beach.

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