Stockholm A Unique City Shaped By Nature

Stockholm is a stylish and civilized city; the best time to have A Taste of Stockholm (June) is in the summer Stockholm is a particularly attractive destination when the ‘Taste of Stockholm’ takes place. In June you should head to northern Europe for a lovely climate, warm days and fantastic sunshine. Stockholm-Sweden is world famous for being stunningly beautiful.

Stockholm sits on 14 islands is surrounded by water and it is pickled with lake shore, beaches and forests. It’s an amazing city with great restaurants, shopping and hotels. You can also get inspired with other locations using some of our past articles Italy’s Civita di Bagnoregio: Jewel on the Hill and The Stunning Santorini Island – Greece to help get you started planning your net family holiday.


During the day you can explore the city by riding bicycles or walking on foot with your family. The nature in and surrounding is really amazing and enjoyable. There are many green areas and gardens where your children may spend their time playing in a healthy environment. There are many playing areas for children. You may bring your swimwear and you’re fishing gear. The beaches there are really amazing. Also you can enjoy great night life on one of the bars in the Swedish capital. You may go Berzelius Park is a small park in central Stockholm at Nybroplan. You may also enjoy LE BAR ROUGE; it looks like a corner of Fin-de-siècle Paris it springs up in the Swedish capital… It serves late night drinks and serves one of the city’s best burgers. It’s perfect for a weekend break.













Where to stay? There are many luxury hotels you can check in with many facilities such as private swimming pools. The best shops and galleries are there. The restaurant serves many kinds of Italian, American, Mexican food and more. There are special meals for children and playing areas to enjoy their time.One of the luxury hotels is Hotel Birger Jarl ( Tulegaton 8, Norrmalm, stock Holm). Another hotel you may check in is ESPLANADE (strand v”agen 7a, Ostermalm, Stockholm) it’s located in one of the classiest streets in town overlooking the harbor. And many hotels and facilities you can enjoy with your family. Stockholm is really a stylish and civilized city. It’s perfect for a weekend break with your family.hotel-birger-jarl-3 hotel-birger-jarl-4 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-1 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-3 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-4 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-5 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-6 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-7 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-9 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-10 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-11 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-12 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-13 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-14 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-15 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-21 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-31 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-41 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-51 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-61 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-71 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-81 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-111 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-brasserie-le-rouge stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-esplanade-hotel-1 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-esplanade-hotel-1 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-esplanade-hotel-2 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-esplanade-hotel-3 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-esplanade-hotel-4 stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-le-bar-rouge-ute stockholm-a-unique-city-shaped-by-nature-8






















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